Suspended Ceilings

A suspended ceiling is a great way of covering pipes, wiring, flaws and obstructions on an old ceiling. It is also an affordable and easy to install technique. That said, it is worth getting a professional to carry out the installation as they will be able to offer advice on the most suitable materials and the finished product will be completed to a higher standard.


As suspended ceilings sit lower than your structural ceiling, if you ever need access to the hidden pipes or wiring in between the suspended and structural ceiling, you can lift the appropriate panels and move them over to one side. Then when you have finished you can drop them back into place.


Over time, if any of your suspended ceiling tiles get damaged, you can replace them easily and will only need to replace the damaged tiles, not the whole ceiling.


Some ceiling tiles are manufactured for soundproofing. This is a lot cheaper than soundproofing a traditional ceiling. This type of tile is extremely beneficial for schools and busy offices and the reduction in sound will make the working environment more pleasurable.

Fire Resistance

Suspended ceilings can help improve fire resistance as many of the tiles provide a 30 min fire resistance.


Professionally installed suspended ceilings can dramatically improve the appearance of rooms, offices and corridors. A dreary area can be transformed relatively cheaply. Suspended ceilings can also offer a range of different designs, so you don’t just have a choice of square white tiles.

Moisture & Mould Resistance

If your premises are subject to high humidity, a suspended ceiling may be the perfect solution for you. The materials used in suspended ceilings are resistant to mould, moisture and bacteria. Sagging can also be avoided.

E&M Services also provide lighting solutions, emergency lighting and electrical installations. We offer the complete package when it comes to your suspended ceiling installations.

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