Greyscale carpet tiles in a commercial environment

Carpet tiles are a popular commercial flooring option, and with many so benefits and design choices, it’s not hard to see why. One environment where carpet tiles are a great fit is schools. If you haven’t considered this flooring option yet, here’s the case for carpet tiles as a school flooring solution.

What are carpet tiles?

A close up of green and lime coloured carpet tiles

Carpet tiles (sometimes called modular carpets) are pre-cut squares of carpet. The individual tiles are fitted together by slotting or using an adhesive to create a holistic design. Over the years, the variety of shapes and designs have drastically increased, allowing for greater design versatility.

Compared to traditional broadloom carpets, carpet tiles are much easier to transport and install. As the tiles come pre-cut, it removes the need to manage big, heavy carpet rolls. Carpet tiles can also be cut to any required shape or size.

The various designs available are perfect for multiple school environments. Creative and bright designs are ideal for early years, and more professional looking designs are suitable for colleges and universities. Such versatility makes them a perfect replacement for broadloom carpets.

Reasons for choosing carpet tiles for schools

Now that we’ve covered what carpet tiles are, let’s look at why carpet tiles are a great fit as an education flooring option:

Massive design choice

A variety of different coloured carpet tile samples

One of the biggest advantages of carpet tiles for schools is the massive design choice. There are many different designs, shapes, and colours, striking a perfect balance between function and aesthetics.

Colourful and creative designs are ideal for early years classrooms and nurseries to help create a positive learning environment. Conversely, the executive and simple design range is perfect for secondary school classrooms. The wide variety of styles available is ideal for making the right impression, no matter the learning environment.

There is also the option to mix and match tile designs for a truly unique and creative flooring design. A monolithic pattern creates a uniform look, while laying tiles quarter-turn at a 90-degree angle offers a more exciting aesthetic. Burmatex carpet tiles have a variety of design choices available, offering the perfect solution for all types of educational setting.

Extremely durable

Another significant advantage of carpet tiles, particularly for schools, is their extreme durability. Compared to traditional carpets, carpet tiles can withstand the high footfall of educational establishments and hold up well over long periods.

The durable properties of carpet tiles make them one of the most sought-after floor coverings for school environments. The durability comes from their different layers, including layers of fibreglass and a precoating of preservatives. Finishing off is a non-woven primary backing layer.

The low pile looped carpet tiles are tight, preventing dirt from sticking into the carpet material. This makes them tough against excessive dirt likely to be brought in from outside. While carpet tiles may be a cheaper flooring option, it doesn’t forgo quality.

Easy to clean and maintain

A vacuum cleaner on a dirty carpet with the word clean spelt out in the dirt

Easy cleaning and maintaining is another reason why carpet tiles are a great option for school environments. While traditional carpets will require regular cleaning and maintenance, the opposite is true for carpet tiles. All that is required is an occasional vacuuming.

Because of the tight, compact manufacturing of the carpet tile material, most dirt stays on the surface and won’t stick to the material. This means a deep, thorough cleaning is only required once annually.

One major concern with carpet and carpet tiles, however, is stains. While carpet tiles are not susceptible to stains, they are much better overall. That’s because stains in the carpet are permanent unless you change the entire carpet.

With carpet tiles, that’s not necessary. All that is required is switching out any damaged tiles with new ones. This saves you time and money while ensuring your flooring installation lasts much longer. This can be an excellent help for schools where budgets may be limited.

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We already mentioned how the reduced cleaning and maintenance of carpet tiles can save you money. But that’s not all. Carpet tiles provide a much more cost-effective option for schools than other flooring options, such as traditional carpets.

The pre-cut squares of carpet tiles can cover more space per square meter for a smaller cost than traditional carpets. With large-sized classrooms, seminar rooms, or lecture halls, this can be a considerable saving. The reduced wastage over traditional carpets also saves money.


A common misconception surrounding carpet tiles is that they require underlay as carpets do. This is not the case with carpet tiles, as they already have an underlay backing. The only time you need to consider installing an underlay is for reducing noise levels.

With the many benefits outlined above, there are plenty of reasons for choosing carpet tiles as your school flooring solution. And with such a wide design choice, you can pick a quality design that suits your school while ensuring an aesthetically pleasing learning environment.

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