Is it time to send in the professionals? If you’re thinking of changing your floor, no doubt you’ll be looking for a professional flooring contractor to help. If not, there are plenty of reasons why you should get the experts in!

Your commercial flooring questions answered


The first benefit you’ll gain from selecting the right flooring contractor is quality. Not only does that include a much higher quality flooring installation, but also a superior service. The right flooring contractor will understand your needs and work with you to achieve them. They’ll be open and transparent throughout the project by keeping you in the loop. They’ll also give advice and guidance for achieving the best with your floor.

With the right flooring contractor, you can truly expect professional and high-quality results. Whether you picked the right contractor will reflect in the quality of the flooring installation. A professional will ensure that your floors look great and will stand the test of time!


Many professional flooring contractors, such as E&M Services, will have been in business for a long time. That means they’ll have years of experience behind them in installing the best flooring.

Even the most challenging or complicated of projects will be no match for the experience behind a professional contractor. If any problems or setbacks arise, the chances are an experienced flooring contractor will have dealt with it before!

At E&M Services, we have more than 30 years of experience in supplying and carrying out great flooring installations. We have gained vast experience in installing all kinds of flooring to meet the interior design needs of a range of clients, including high-traffic commercial areas.


With great experience also comes great expertise. Choosing the right flooring contractor will provide expert knowledge and advice for achieving a top-quality result. Whether they specialise in one type of flooring or many, the right flooring contractor will know what works best to get the job done right.

The expertise you gain from choosing the right flooring contractor will help you in deciding on a flooring choice suited to your space and needs. At E&M Services, we have expertise in all flooring types for a range of commercial properties and provide high quality service.

We have worked to install a wide range of flooring in a variety of commercial settings, including carpet tiles in offices, rubber floors for healthcare institutions, and luxury vinyl tiles in retail stores and cafes. Find out more about a refurbishment we carried out at St Mary’s Church.


Certifications speak wonders for a flooring contractor’s professionalism. The right flooring contractor for your flooring project will have certifications to prove their quality and expertise. A contractor with certifications displays integrity and trustworthiness for peace of mind.

E&M Services are accredited by CHAS and Constructionline. CHAS is the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme. Constructionline is a government certification scheme. Our health and safety specialist ensures we carry out projects in the safest way, while still maintaining cost-effective working practices.


High quality professional flooring contractors will have access to and utilise all the right tools, equipment, and resources for the job. Chances are, you will be completely unfamiliar with some of the tools that help professional contractors provide high-quality flooring installations.

Whether it’s sourcing and supplying your desired flooring, or using the right tools for cutting and fitting, there can be a hefty price to purchase or rent these tools for a one-off. Choosing the right flooring for your project will already have the tools at hand and most likely use them every day!


With the experience, expertise, and resources available, the right flooring contractor will provide you with a timeline for project completion. Usually detailed in the contract, the flooring contractor will ensure they achieve this deadline while still delivering beautiful flooring.

You’ll also want the right flooring contractor that achieves the job in the timeframe you desire, especially for businesses. Delays can cost money. That’s why at E&M Services, we work around the clock to achieve our client’s expectations and deadlines.


Overspending on a budget, or hidden costs you weren’t prepared for, are some of the experiences you may go through when choosing the wrong flooring contractor. Chances are, you won’t receive a good quality flooring installation either in these situations.

Choosing the right flooring contractor will ensure that your budget is not overspent and no hidden costs will spring up further down the line. Make sure your budgetary requirements are discussed in advance so necessary preparations can be made to complete the project on budget.

Sticking to an agreed budget is part of the agreement drawn up between the contractor and client. All details relating to cost will be discussed openly and agreed upon before the project begins. No matter how complicated the project, E&M Services will also stick within your agreed budget.


Another benefit of selecting the right flooring contractor is the attention they will pay to the subfloor. The subfloor is the foundation of a quality flooring installation. Problems with a subfloor, whether it’s unlevel or damp, will reflect badly on your flooring installation.

A professional flooring contractor will check to see if the subfloor is sound for installing your desired flooring. If not, you’ll be advised on the best way to resolve the problem. Many professional flooring contractors, such as E&M Services, are experienced in addressing all kinds of subfloor problems.

Taking the time and effort to choose the right flooring contractor for your needs will go a long way. With many options out there, it’s worth following these tips and spending that bit extra time looking around.

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