Which flooring solution is right for my business?

This is an important question. There are lots of different types of flooring available and each type has its pros and cons, and are suited to certain businesses, environments and situations. So, in order to find out which flooring solution is right for you, it is a good idea to get some background on the different flooring types available.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the most flexible types of flooring available and comes in a wide range of styles to suit many different environments. It is extremely durable and can handle heavy footfall, so it is perfect for busy environments. We specialise in the installation of vinyl flooring from many leading manufacturers including Tarkett, Polyflor, Gerflor, plus many more. If you are looking for high-end vinyl flooring to give your business some extra class, there are some amazing designer vinyl floors available from manufacturers such as Amtico and Karndean, who are world leaders in manufacturing beautiful floors.

Carpets and Carpet Tiles

Nothing adds colour and texture to a room quite like carpets or carpet tiles. With so many different colours, styles and textures available, they can really add atmosphere, style and ambience to your indoor space. For smaller spaces you may prefer to go with wall to wall carpet, but this is not always possible, particularly in large spaces. If your business has a large floor to cover, carpet tiles may be the perfect solution. Nowadays carpet tiles are available in lots of fantastic styles, with fashionable patterns and mosaics, which can really add the “Wow factor” to your business. In addition to this, they are durable, cost effective, quick to install and easy to maintain. We can bring together colours, patterns and textures to produce an environment that stimulate the imagination and offers a welcoming environment to your customers.

Healthcare & Safety Flooring

Is your business involved in healthcare, such as a doctors, dentists, clinic or care home? If so, then you may require specialist safety flooring. Flooring in these types of establishments need to be hygienic, easy to clean and durable if there is heavy footfall. In clinics and medical laboratories infection control will be paramount, so you may need specially treated vinyl or linoleum depending on your requirements. We have many years’ experience installing flooring for hospitals, clinics and health care providers, so we will be able to provide you with guidance throughout the process.

To Summarise

We would be the first to admit that choosing the right flooring can be a bit of a minefield. There are so many options available on the market, with different materials, colours, styles, and pricing. And throw in health and safety requirements for good measure, it can make the selection process a real headache! Before you start making a decision on what flooring type is best for you, speak to our team. We have years’ of experience installing floors in all types of environments, and are more than happy to have a no-obligation chat with you to discuss your options. Whether you run a clinic with tight regulations to adhere to, or a high-end fashion boutique and need to impress your clientele, we can help you find the perfect flooring for your business.

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