Different types of flooring, including carpet tiles and laminate tiles

Trends come and go and change all the time. Just like fashion, a popular flooring trend may be in one minute and out the next. With so many different styles and options of flooring on the market, there are certainly plenty of different designs and looks you can choose to help transform your indoor spaces. Taking hold this year are colourful and more creative options that help to provide a unique look and feel. The old-fashioned look is also making a strong impact this year, with people opting for vintage flooring too. Let’s take a look at 7 hot flooring trends taking hold this year…

1.     Black and white

A bathroom with black and white floor tiles

The first pick of flooring trends taking hold this year is the vintage black and white look. Giving a strong nostalgic feel, black and white flooring tiles are making a strong comeback this year. Consider this vintage look if you want to bring back the memories and feelings of sophistication and days gone by.

While providing a simple contrast of colours, the combination of black and white flooring tiles in a kitchen or bathroom can help add a touch of class. When matched with a black and white décor, the vintage black and white flooring tiles can really transform a space.

As people continue to look for more unique yet stylish flooring options, getting black and white tiles with an accompanying pattern can help to create a more luxurious space. When seamlessly blended together, it can help provide a classically stylish look.

2.     Hexagonal tiles

A floor with hexagonal tiles

There can be many different shapes and sizes of flooring tiles. Traditionally square or rectangular, many people are starting to look for something a little different for their homes. Nothing breaks away from the traditional shape more than hexagonal tiles.

While hexagonal tiles have been around for some time, most commonly seen with carpet tiles, they have only been smaller tiles confined to kitchen and bathroom spaces. In 2022, a hot flooring trend is seeing more and more people start to decorate other rooms of their homes with hexagonal tiles.

As tiles continue to become popular in house or room makeovers, a greater variety of shapes and sizes are coming into the spotlight. When blended together, they can add a unique style to your space.

3.     Patterned wood

A patterned wood floor

Patterned wood flooring is another hot flooring trend taking hold in 2022. If you’ve noticed, there’s a pattern emerging here (no pun intended). More people are looking for more stylish and creative flooring that enhances the visual appeal of a room.

If you prefer wood-style flooring for your space, you can take hold of this trend just the same. Wood flooring can come in a variety of different patterns and designs.

For even more variety, there are also printed flooring tiles to consider too. From providing simple borders to more consistent and stylish wood effects, there’s plenty to like about the patterned wood style to transform a space. Parquet wood floors can also help provide a stylish alternative.

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4.     Wide planks

A room with wide plank flooring

Tiled flooring continues to take hold this year, with people looking for different and unique patterns. There’s also the size of the planks or tiles that are shaping another hot flooring trend.

Specifically, more people are opting for wider planks or tiles to help decorate their homes. While wide planks have been on the radar for the last few years, they are firmly establishing themselves this year and cementing their position as a flooring choice.

Using wider planks helps to open up a space and make it look bigger and less cluttered. To help make your room look less cluttered and spacey, consider opting for a plank size of at least 7” wide. You can even choose planks with different wood stylish too to help blend seamlessly into your space.

5.     Mix and match tiles

A mix and match of different coloured and pattered floor tiles

Flooring trends in 2022 are big on creativity. The same goes for our next hot flooring trend. Just the same as a bag of pick and mix, people are starting to mix and match tiles for a more patchwork look.

Mixing and matching tiles of different colours and patterns can provide a more individual and unique look that is sure to make a strong impression in your home. Choosing complementary designs and colours can help you achieve a style that is truly your own.

Most appealing in a kitchen or bathroom environment, where the porcelain and ceramic tiles are most popular. Switching the tiles around can help to provide an even greater variety of mix and match to create a striking design.

6.     Carpet tiles

A range of different carpet tile designs and colours

Carpet tiles are an extremely popular flooring option for commercial environments, such as schools and offices. Boasting versatility and durability, more people are scrapping traditional wall-to-wall carpets in favour of carpet tiles in their homes.

When carpet tiles can provide a whole wealth of design options, it should be no surprise why. Patterns and different colours that you can blend together help to create a unique and versatile flooring choice.

They are also easily cleaned too, and individual tiles can be replaced should one become irreparably damaged. Highly durable, they are ideal for rooms where your floors need to withstand a lot. Whether you choose to install them in your hallway, home gym or home office, they are sure to make a statement.

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7.     Vintage worn & aged timber

A room with vintage worn and aged timber flooring

Our last pick of hot flooring trends taking hold this year is the vintage worn and aged timber look. As with our first trend of black and white flooring for creating nostalgia, the same applies to the vintage worn and aged timber look that’s taking hold this year.

Often coming in and out of style, using vintage worn and aged timber is definitely in vogue at the moment. Vintage and aged timber helps give a unique feel and character that modern and new flooring just simply cannot achieve.

Coming tailor made with a worn and aged look, vintage timber tiles can come in different wood styles and colours. From oak to pine, there’s sure to be an aged timber design that will blend seamlessly with your décor.

Domestic flooring

The flooring trends this year clearly show people continue to look for new and unique ways to decorate their homes. The same goes for the choice of flooring. With vintage flooring also seeing a prominence this year, many people are no longer satisfied with the same old, same old.

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