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Karndean flooring is one of the leading luxury vinyl flooring brands, and is a popular flooring choice for both commercial premises and homes. At E&M Services, we offer Karndean as one of our installation options, so we’ve put together a guide on this leading brand to give you some inside knowledge.

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What is luxury vinyl flooring?

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Luxury vinyl tiles (or LVT) is a flooring type that is made of several layers to create a thin, durable, tile flooring. Unlike laminate flooring that uses fibreboard, luxury vinyl is synthetic. Traditional vinyl flooring was similar to laminate in regard to them both being sheet type flooring.

Sheet vinyl was a popular option in high-moisture rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens, due to the lack of joins and the water-resistant properties. But vinyl is a very thin flooring, so it could often feel hard underfoot.

To overcome this problem, luxury vinyl was created. Made in both semi-rigid planks and tiles, luxury vinyl has unique properties over standard vinyl flooring. Properties of luxury vinyl include:

  • A much longer lifespan.
  • Waterproofing abilities.
  • Seen as more prestigious and adds value.
  • Scratch-resistant due to the protective top layers.
  • Easier and quicker installation methods that doesn’t require an adhesive.
  • Thicker and more rigid.
  • Higher price compared to standard vinyl.

LVT is renowned for its high-quality natural-looking designs that are printed to the tiles. For that reason, LVT is fast becoming a popular (and more affordable) alternative to natural floors, such as wood and stone.

Many households and businesses are choosing LVT for the practical benefits it provides. It provides an authentic flooring choice as well as allowing you to implement unique and innovative flooring design without the drawbacks of natural floors.

What is different about Karndean?

A sunroom with a Karndean wood design luxury vinyl tile flooring

So, what’s so different about Karndean? We’ve picked out some key points which help Karndean to stand out from the rest.

One of the top features of Karndean LVT is how realistic their natural-looking designs are. Whether you are looking for wood, stone, or tile effects, Karndean can provide you with a super realistic alternative to the real thing.

When compared to other makes, such as Amtico (another popular brand), Karndean is different. Karndean tiles are made using 5 distinct layers:

  • Backing layer – at the base of the tile is a backing layer. This is to allow the tile to be attached to the subfloor and bond with the adhesive.
  • Stability later – helps provide dimensional stability alongside aiding in indentation resistance and recovery.
  • HD photographic layer – the layer to which the pattern is added. High-definition photographic imagery is used to produce a realistic natural design.
  • Clear PVC wear layer – an embossed wear layer provides protection from everyday wear and tear.
  • K-Guard+ surface protection – a protective layer exclusive to Karndean flooring that provides hygienic and durable top surface protection. This layer helps with easy cleaning.

Karndean tiles have 3 different methods of installation: glue down, loose lay, and rigid core. Both loose lay and rigid core can act as either a temporary or permanent floor.

  • Glue down uses an adhesive to glue the tiles down, offering a durable installation option.
  • Loose lay is a much quicker and easier installation method that does not require an adhesive, and instead is held into place. The special backing prevents the floor from slipping and sliding.
  • Rigid core is another quick and easy installation method, whereby the tiles click and lock into each other. Rigid core click flooring is also known as floating floors as no adhesive is used and can be installed over most existing hard floors.

Benefits of Karndean flooring

Stone design luxury vinyl floor

One of the selling points that help make Karndean LVT so popular is the benefits it provides. While Karndean flooring may have a higher price tag compared to other flooring options, you get your money’s worth with these benefits:

  • Great design variety, including different looks, colours, and formats.
  • Durable flooring options due to its unique design.
  • Comfortable underfoot with realistic and comfortable alternatives to real natural floors.
  • Waterproof and stain resistant.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Hygienic surface that doesn’t hold dirt, bacteria and dust mites.
  • Different laying patterns allow you to become creative and personalise your interior spaces.
  • Suitable with underfloor heating.

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The different styles of Karndean

The great thing about Karndean LVT is the wide choice and variety available. With so many different ranges available, you’ll be free to get creative and achieve the flooring you want. Let’s look at the different styles and ranges available from Karndean.

Glue down

Art selection – a premium range, the Art selection glue down flooring uses a wide range of intricate designs and realistic embosses. These designs are handcrafted to ensure they reflect the textures and patterns found in nature.

Includes a range of different stone and wood patterns, with herringbone, chevron, and basket weave patterns available.

The Art Select range

Da Vinci – the Da Vinci range of Karndean LVT offers a traditional style but with a modern twist. Da Vinci tiles come with a light finish and wide bevelled edges to achieve the blend of traditional style but with a modern flavour.

Includes a range of different stone and wood patterns. Stone patterns come in square tile designs while wood tiles eliminate a plank design.

Van Gogh – the Van Gogh range provides a unique range of wood designs, taking inspiration from different wood species. Whether you prefer a rustic or modern design, the Van Gogh range offers salvaged and reclaimed timber designs.

Includes a range of different coloured oak and birch designs, including brushed and distressed oak. Comes in a range of tile and chevron patterns.

Opus – the Opus range is an ideal choice for those wanting a modern design. The colours and surface finish provides a simple yet effective visual design to suit your colour scheme. Includes a range of stone and wood designs, available in tile, plank, and chevron patterns.

The Opus LVT range

Knight Tile – the Knight Tile range provides the widest range of designs available at more affordable prices. Designs are available for those wanting either a classic or modern look. Includes a range of wood and stone designs, with chevron, plank, and tile patterns available.

Heritage – the Heritage range is suited for those who wanted a classic and traditional design. Designed to provide classic geometric tiles, the Heritage range provides appealing monochrome designs to add a touch of elegance and class to a space.

Kaleidoscope – for the truly creative at heart, the Kaleidoscope range offers a selection of geometric designs. The Kaleidoscope range can help you to create a visual contrast and a sense of movement. Comes with a range of abstract designs, alongside chevron and hexagonal patterns.

Kaleidoscope Karndean range

Loose lay

Karndean loose Lay – Karndean’s range of loose lay LVT tiles provides a range of classic and modern wood and stone designs. Made with Karndean designed K-Wave friction grip, tiles will hold in place and bond to a subfloor by weight and friction.

Includes a range of different wood and stone designs and colours, including worn wood designs, in tile and plank patterns.

Loose Lay Longboard – similar to the Karndean Loose lay range, the longboard range features a collection of extra-long plank lengths to help open up a space and make it look bigger. Longboard flooring also offers additional acoustic benefits.

Available in a range of different wood plank designs, including weather and bleached wood designs.

Karndean loose lay longboard

Rigid core

Korlok – the Korlok range is designed with a K-Core technology that provides a strong lock mechanism to hold each tile in place. Available in a range of different wood and stone designs, including washed wood and frosted stone. Tile and plank patterns are available.

Korlok Karndean LVT

Van Gogh – as well as the glue down Van Gogh range, Karndean also offer Van Gogh rigid core LVT. The Van Gogh range takes inspiration from a range of different wood species for a unique range of designs, including reclaimed and salvaged timbers.

Includes a range of different oak designs, including brushed and distressed oak. Comes in plank and chevron patterns.

Knight Tile – Knight Tile is also available as a rigid core tile, offering a wide variety of plank and tile designs for the most affordable price. Natural material designs reflect both classic and modern designs.

Available in a range of different wood and stone designs, including painted and washed wood alongside frosted and smoked stone. Comes in tile and plank patterns.

Flooring solutions to meet your needs

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At E&M Services, we can meet all your flooring needs. Whether you are a commercial business or a homeowner, we have vast experience and expertise in supplying and installing all kinds of flooring, including Karndean LVT.

With more than 30 years in business, E&M Services has gained a long-standing reputation as one of the Midland’s top flooring contractors. Based in Coventry, our installation team carry out work nationwide to deliver beautiful flooring installations.

We pride ourselves on the highest levels of installation standards and vast product knowledge to help you in choosing the most suitable flooring for your needs. We are always happy to provide free advice, samples, and quotations to support your flooring project.

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