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Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) is quickly becoming one of the more popular and stylish flooring options. Providing many versatile designs and a durable flooring choice, LVT is popular for both residential and commercial environments. With so many great benefits, many businesses are jumping on the bandwagon and choosing LVT for their commercial space flooring. But which workplace environment is LVT the best choice? Let’s find out…

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An office with LVT

Office designs need to fulfil a lot. They need to look stylish, represent your business and brand, and boost the productivity of your employees. That’s why choosing a flooring option for office area can be difficult. Fortunately, luxury vinyl tiles can provide an ideal solution to this difficult choice. Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern design, there is plenty to choose from.

LVT has several benefits that make it a flooring option ideally suited for office spaces. Firstly, LVT is easy to maintain. Treating the tiles is easy and does not require extensive treatment, unlike carpets, as LVT does not easily stain. Cleaning is easy too, as the tiles are waterproof. Any spillages can be quickly cleaned up to avoid any damage to the tiles. Looking after your LVT will help make sure they stay looking as good as new.

LVT is also soundproof making it ideally suited for environments such as offices, as high levels of noise levels have an impact on productivity. The sound of people walking around is one of the top distractions. LVT’s soundproofing properties means you don’t have to worry about noisy footsteps anymore, which is a blessing in open office areas. A suspended ceiling also goes hand-in-hand with LVT to create a soundproofed workspace.

Another reason to consider LVT for office workplace environments is that the flooring option is incredibly durable. Despite the slightly higher price tag, LVT is a wise investment that can last you for years. In some cases (providing the tiles are maintained) it can last longer than most carpets. In the event a tile does get damaged, it can be easily replaced.


School classroom with LVT

The problem with picking a flooring option for use in education premises, such as schools, is the excessive-high foot traffic that they become exposed to. Flooring needs to be carefully selected as floors can see constant heavy traffic and are susceptible to dirt and stains. Because of the quality and easy maintenance, some schools have started to choose luxury vinyl tiles as a flooring option. 

Just the same as using LVT in offices, it can provide several benefits. Perhaps the most significant benefit of using LVT in schools is the ease at which it can be cleaned and repaired. Spillages and dirt being trampled in off shoes are regular occurrences. Other flooring options, such as carpets, may require shampooing or deep cleaning to remove stubborn stains. Something that isn’t needed with LVT.

The design versatility would be another benefit for using LVT in school. The wonderful thing about LVT is that you can create as unique a design as you like. Why? Because LVT comes in individual tiles, you can mix and match to create colourful and fun flooring. Using bright and cheerful colours can help to create an environment ideal for learning and play. 

The way LVT is fitted can also provide a benefit. Stick down LVT, which uses an adhesive to fix the tiles in place, is considered to be the strongest choice. When stuck down, LVT can be a heavy-duty and long-lasting option. While it may be ideal for heavy foot traffic it makes it harder to replace when the tiles are fixed. Other methods of installing LVT can be used but don’t provide the extra sturdiness and durability of stick down.

Public Areas

Public area reception with LVT

Public areas, particularly receptions and waiting rooms, can be the first sight of a business for many customers. These areas have such a huge weighting when creating a favourable first impression. A first impression you want to get right. Choosing the wrong flooring option could have a negative impact in the long term. Options, such as laminate, can be a bad choice as it can easily wear and is more difficult to maintain.

That’s why many public areas, including reception areas, restaurants, and waiting areas are choosing to use luxury vinyl tiles. Unlike laminate flooring, LVT can withstand heavy foot traffic meaning it won’t scruff or scratch easily. Coming in a wide range of styles, you can also pick an LVT design that suits both your business and current décor. No need for refits just to match your flooring.

Due to the durability, LVT won’t mark easily with the furniture you use, such as chairs scraping along the floor. And with people coming and going, it provides a good choice for both cleanliness and durability. A problem that can arise, however, with these areas is direct and excessive exposure from the sun. As with wherever LVT is installed, any direct and excessive sunlight can cause fading and discolouration over long periods of time. Areas that have open windows will be especially prone to this problem. Minimising exposure from the sun can help to maintain your LVT long term.

Choosing LVT for your public areas, such as waiting rooms and receptions, can be a durable and aesthetically pleasing choice that will help create a favourable first impression. While some businesses may choose to go for a more natural flooring option, such as stone or wood, LVT can provide a cheaper alternative that lasts much longer. 

Home office

A home office with LVT

A workplace environment many of us will have become familiar with is the home office. Home offices are a workplace environment that needs to be both productive and functional. Typically, home offices are an extension of your home. So, you want to make sure the design and style at least fits in with the rest of your home décor. If you already have laminate flooring, using luxury vinyl tiles tiles will be a great match and won’t feel out of place.

If you prefer to have a completely different look and style for your home office, you may decide to go for a flooring option that can provide both style and practicality. LVT can do just that. Not only is LVT very good at mimicking the look of natural flooring options, such as wood or stone, but you can pick a style and pattern that fits your design preference. Due to its durable nature, LVT is also less likely to scratch and scruff meaning your swivel chair won’t ruin that nice looking floor.

Picking the right flooring for your workplace environment is extremely important. Choosing luxury vinyl tiles can provide many benefits that help to make your workplace environment more productive and favourable. While the cost may be more than other flooring options, it can provide a much more suitable long-term investment. Depending on your flooring needs and preference, you may find LVT is the perfect choice for your home or your business.

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