Retail Flooring Solutions

Your showrooms are the backbone of your business, and you want them to look their best! There are hundreds of flooring solutions available for retail environments. E&M Services wants to work with you to provide stunning floors to showcase your products.

Whether you want luxury vinyl tile flooring products such as Karndean or Amtico or carpet tiles’ stunning colours and textures, we want to work for you. We offer all aspects of flooring preparation to make the finished installation look exceptional.

Our fitters, with extensive experience working for retailers, are well-versed in the specific requirements your environments demand, ensuring high-quality, professional flooring you can trust.

Our fitters, dedicated to your satisfaction, are ready to work outside normal business hours, on weekends, and even through the night if necessary to ensure your refurbishments are completed on time.

Over the years, we have supplied and fitted great floors for diverse clients, including airport retailers, luxury beauty companies, famous hairdressing chains, coffee shops and restaurants, and high-street department stores.

Let us work with you to carry out your flooring installations with the assurance of timely completion.

Retail flooring specialist options

Our retail flooring Coventry service offers a range of flooring options to help transform your retail space. Whether you prefer the luxuriousness of luxury vinyl or the durability of carpet tiles, there is a wide range of quality flooring options available.

Vinyl flooring

One of the first options available for shop flooring is vinyl. Vinyl is an ideal choice for those wanting a natural design like wood without the associated drawbacks. Despite being flexible and thin, vinyl is a durable flooring option that withstands heavy foot traffic.

It’s also easy to clean and maintain, making it a perfect flooring option for restaurants and cafes. Its waterproof properties also make it ideal in areas where spillages are likely. It’s certainly an affordable flooring option that won’t overstretched your budget.

Unlike laminate flooring, commercial vinyl flooring comes with several that are fully synthetic. The backing, solid vinyl, and transparent top protective layer add to the vinyl flooring’s qualities. Vinyl flooring is also much more versatile, allowing for greater design flexibility.

Luxury vinyl tiles

If you want something more luxurious, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are a quality flooring option. Unlike vinyl flooring, LVT is much thicker and has a more rigid core layer. Typically, the thicker the core, the more durable the LVT. The addition of protective wear layers adds to the charm of LVT.

LVT also features high-quality natural designs that stylishly mimic their natural counterparts. As a result, a huge range of stylish natural flooring options, including wood and stone, are available. Whether you opt for LVT for a luxury retail store or a high-end restaurant, LVT is sure to stand up.

The thick, rigid core layer means LVT can withstand high foot traffic, minimising the risk of damage or wear. With a strong, rigid core layer and top protective layers, LVT also holds up well against scratches, dirt, and moisture compared to solid wood flooring.

Carpet tiles

Another commercial flooring option ideal for retail premises is carpet tiles. Unlike traditional carpets, carpet tiles come in pre-cut squares, allowing for much easier installation and maintenance. If damaged or badly stained, tiles can easily be replaced.

Another reason carpet tiles are ideal for retail flooring is their design flexibility. Carpet tiles offer much more versatility when it comes to choosing a design that suits your business needs. With different patterns and textures, alongside laying patterns, you can create truly unique and memorable flooring.

However, the biggest reason carpet tiles are ideal for retail premises is their durability. Already a highly favoured flooring option in commercial premises, such as offices, carpet tiles are a strong option for areas with excessive foot traffic. This makes it an ideal option for retail stores.

Whatever your business requires, our experience and expertise can help you find the perfect floor. We can deliver a high-quality installation to your flooring requirements on time and within budget. We have a long-standing reputation as a top Midlands flooring contractor for reliability and customer service.

Contact us today to learn more about our retail flooring services and how we can help with your next flooring project.