Suspended Ceiling

Suspended Ceilings

E and M Services are experts at commercial interiors.

We supply and install a wide variety of suspended ceilings across Coventry and the West Midlands. Suspended ceilings dramatically improve the appearance of rooms, offices and corridors and really lift up an area. As well as improving the appearance, they offer a range of additional benefits. Did you know suspended ceilings improve acoustics? Busy schools and office areas can really benefit from the acoustic properties of suspended ceilings, making the work environment much more pleasurable to be in and to help improve concentration. Suspended ceilings can help improve fire resistance as many suspended ceiling and grid systems can provide a 30 min fire resistance. Then there are thermal properties to suspended ceilings. A well designed suspended ceiling can make rooms considerably warmer and indeed cooler where needed. Please contact us to discuss these matters further, we will be only too pleased to help.

E and M Services also provide lighting solutions, emergency lighting and electrical installations. We offer the complete package when it comes to your suspended ceiling installations.

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