Suspended Ceilings – A great solution to transform your office space

Suspended ceilings will dramatically improve the appearance of rooms, offices and corridors. With a minimum investment and disruption, suspended ceilings are a great choice for improving the aesthetic appearance of your office space.

Suspended ceilings are secondary ceilings which are suspended from the structural floor above. This creates a void between the floor above and the suspended ceiling, normally the void is between 3 to 8 inches. On of the main reasons why suspended ceilings are very popular in offices, is because the void created can be used to conceal wires and other installations which may look unsightly, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, CCTV and light fittings.


Other than the aesthetic appearance, there are various other benefits in installing a suspended ceiling.

Acoustic properties of suspended ceilings make the work environment much more pleasurable to be in.

Suspended ceilings can help improve concentration. This makes them very popular in schools.

Suspended ceilings can help improve fire resistance. Most suspended ceilings will be fire resistant for around 30 minutes.

There are also thermal properties to suspended ceilings. This will help your space maintain coolness in hot weather and provide insulation during the colder months. A well-designed suspended ceiling can make rooms considerably warmer and indeed cooler where needed.

Installing Suspended Ceilings

The first step is to take the room measurements where the ceiling is to be installed, in order to accurately design the suspended ceiling grid.

The suspended ceiling is hung from a bracket fixed to the underside of the floor slabs above (your structural ceiling). The bracket installed supports a series of interlocking metal sections that form the grid. Suspended ceilings are also available as beam systems which mean that the tiles are laid between parallel beams rather than on a grid frame.

The final stage is to place you chosen tiles within the completed frame or grid system.


With your suspended ceiling installed, partitions can easily be erected and installed. Partition walls are non-load bearing walls they can provide privacy, acoustic and fire separation. They are easy to install and offer flexibility when it comes to the layout of your office space.

Partition walls can be solid, and they are typically constructed from brick or blockwork. Framed partition walls are sometimes referred to as stud walls. If you wish, your partition walls may also be glazed. Your partitions neatly be integrated with your suspended ceiling by stopping underneath the false ceiling or running straight through to the structural floor slab above.

E and M Services are experts at commercial interiors. We supply and install a wide variety of suspended ceilings across Coventry and the West Midlands. We also provide lighting solutions, emergency lighting and electrical installations so we can offer the complete package when it comes to your suspended ceiling installations.

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