There are lots of amazing floors suitable for schools but by far the best are carpet tiles in our opinion. This is our quick guide to the benefits of carpet tiles for heavy wear areas:

  1. Excellent acoustic properties: carpet tiles absorb sound and remove echo. This makes them a great choice for education environments. They are perfect for classrooms, corridors, receptions and circulation areas and are available in a massive range of colours and styles. Carpet tiles help to develop a quiet space for learning and teaching in classrooms and prevent noise reverberating around the school when fitted in corridors.
  2. Extremely durable: good quality carpet tiles will last for ages. Many are guaranteed for up to ten years. They do not indent, they do not split and are suitable for continuous use with most chairs including castor chairs. They clean really well and require minimum ongoing maintenance. Being carpet tiles means that should a tile become heavily damaged we can simply swap it for another. This keeps your flooring looking new for longer and enables us to easily repair your floors when needed. That said, stain resistance is really high , so the chances of needing to change tiles is low!
  3. Massive design choice: individually designed flooring where we can design and install bespoke installations. This way your environment can be tailored to your exacting interior design specifications.
  4. Environmentally responsible: many of our carpet tiles are sourced from recycled products and can be recycled at the end of their life time.
  5. Anti-static: many of our carpet tiles are suitable for use in computer rooms, protecting your expensive IT equipment and preventing static shocks for room users.

E and M Services supply and install carpet tiles from all major manufacturers and always provide very competitive prices. Our decades of experience in design, installation and subfloor preparation means that we can assist our clients to choose the right products for the job. As we are one of Coventry’s longest established flooring contractors you can rest assured we will be there for you during the lifetime of your product’s warranty. Trading since 1988, we rely on our reputation to help our business to grow from strength to strength.

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