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At E&M Services, we understand that choosing the right home flooring is important. Floors are much more than a functional aspect of our homes. It can be challenging to pick the right flooring to enhance your home. Selecting the flooring, however, contributes to the aesthetics and comfort of our home.

We supply and install many flooring options, including carpets, carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles, and vinyl flooring. We can cater to your individual flooring needs and preferences. Our experience and expertise as a top home flooring contractor allow us to offer various flooring services.

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Our flooring services

To ensure you get the best results from your floor, we offer a range of high-quality flooring services. We cover all your flooring needs, from supply, installation, and subfloor preparation to finishing touches.

Subfloor solutions

A man using a smoothing compound on a subfloor

Before installing any flooring, it’s important to check the quality of the subfloor. A house needs a strong foundation, and so does your flooring. The better the subfloor preparation and stability, the better for your flooring installation.

We have decades of knowledge and experience dealing with subflooring issues. Using products from specialist manufacturers, we have the expertise to prep your subfloor so it will last the test of time.

Carpet for comfort and style

A selection of different coloured carpet samples

Carpet is a popular floor covering option for homes, offering a timeless blend of comfort and style. You can transform any room into a cosy and inviting space with carpet. At E&M Services, we offer an extensive range of luxurious Lifestyle carpets.

Lifestyle carpets offer a range of stylish colours, textures, and patterns to customise your cosy living spaces. The luxurious and plush feel can benefit living rooms and bedrooms, creating a truly comfortable home space. Carpet can also reduce noise, offering fantastic insulating properties.

Lifestyle offers a range of carpet types and designs to suit your needs. Choose from a plain, striped, patterned, floral, or heathered design. You can also choose from a Twist, Saxony, Wilton, Loop, or Cut and Loop Carpet type. There are lots of perfect flooring choices to create your ideal home space.

Discover the benefits of carpets in your home.

Carpet tiles for versatility and durability

Carpet tiles inside a home

Carpet tiles are ideal for those wanting to enjoy carpet flooring with greater versatility and durability. Already popular in commercial environments, carpet tiles are becoming a popular flooring choice in homes for several reasons, including:

  • Ease of handling and installation.
  • Ease of maintenance.

Unlike carpet, you have complete creative control to mix and match colours and patterns of carpet tiles for unique flooring. Carpet tiles can also be an excellent choice for homes with children or pets. Their durability, stain resistance, and easy cleaning benefits make them ideal for such homes.

The extensive range of Burmatex carpet tiles provides a variety of design choices. With such flexibility, you can find an option to suit your interior design preferences. Burmatex carpet tiles offer the same comfort as carpet while also being eco-friendly. Burmatex also offers quality entrance matting carpet tiles.

View our guide to Burmatex carpet tiles to see the range

Luxury vinyl tiles for elegance and luxury

Luxury vinyl tiles in the home

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are a popular flooring choice. LVT is ideal for those wanting a natural-looking floor that offers elegance and luxury. This option perfectly blends the sophistication of natural flooring with the low maintenance of vinyl flooring. LVT perfectly mimics natural flooring designs, such as wood and stone.

LVT is more durable than vinyl flooring and consists of multiple layers for improving durability. Some layers include backing, stability, design, and top protective layers. That also means LVT is water-resistant and scratch-resistant, making it an ideal flooring choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

We supply and install the full range of Karndean and Ambiance LVT. This gives you a wide choice and flexible options to create a unique home space. For elegant and luxurious natural-looking flooring, LVT is a great choice.

Vinyl flooring for practicality and price

Vinyl flooring samples

If you’re looking for natural-style flooring for a fraction of the cost, vinyl flooring may be for you. Both economical and practical, vinyl flooring offers greater benefits than laminate flooring while delivering a low-maintenance flooring solution.

Vinyl floor tiles are renowned for their quality natural designs, such as stone and wood flooring, at a fraction of the cost. Vinyl is also water resistant, making it an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms or for those with pets. It’s also very durable, providing long-term performance with minimal upkeep.

Check out our guide to vinyl flooring to learn more.

Other flooring options available

Dark blue entrance flooring

We also have a range of other flooring options available to transform your home, including:

  • Entrance flooring.
  • Flooring edgings and scotias.
  • Stair nosings.
  • Threshold bars.

Why choose E&M Services?

Looking for someone to carry out your floor project? As flooring specialists, we work to deliver beautiful domestic and commercial flooring. Here is why you should choose us for your next flooring project:

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  • More than 30 years in business.
  • Long-standing, reliable reputation.
  • Quality installations to time and budget.
  • The highest installation standards and quality control.
  • Vast knowledge and highly experienced in flooring products.
  • Experienced in supplying and fitting a range of flooring.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Other services are available.

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