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Home is where the heart is! Our homes are one of the places we cherish most. We can better connect with our homes by designing to our liking. The same goes for our choice of flooring. At E&M Services, we help you create the home you cherish most. We have vast experience as a flooring contractor. This allows us to provide beautiful domestic flooring that transforms your home.

Our home flooring Coventry service offers a range of options to suit your needs. From carpet for living rooms to luxury vinyl flooring for kitchens. We can help you find the perfect flooring type for your home.

Home flooring service

Our home flooring expert service ranges from quality flooring prep to the finishing touches that make a lasting difference. As one of the Midland’s top flooring contractors, we pride ourselves on quality. We will complete your flooring installation to the best standards.


Someone pouring a smoothing compound onto a subfloor

In the same way that a house needs strong foundations, flooring requires a solid subfloor. No flooring installation will ever be good without proper subfloor preparation. Subfloors need to be level and straight.

The condition of the subfloor will affect the preparation. Our product expertise and expert floor fitters mean we are well-versed and experienced in dealing with subfloor problems. Subfloor problems such as uneven or damp subfloors.

Failing to prepare a subfloor could lead to more expenses later on to fix problems. Sooner or later, any issues in a subfloor will show through. That’s why we use various compound solutions to treat your subfloor.

Our experience and expert products can overcome any problems, no matter what issues are in your subfloor. Speak to our team today about subfloor preparation.

Flooring Options

Everyone has different tastes with interior design. That’s why we offer a huge selection of flooring options, including carpets and vinyl. Whether you want to create a cosy room or something with a natural design, we’ve got you covered!

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Luxury vinyl tiles

A living space with luxury vinyl tile domestic flooring

E&M Services offers a range of stylish luxury vinyl tiles. We source and install LVT from Ambiance and Karndean to transform your living space. Made from synthetic materials, LVT is a high quality flooring that can add value to any room.

Made using several layers for strength, LVT is thicker and more rigid than vinyl, meaning it has a much longer life. Protective top wear layers add to this strength. LVT is sure to transform a home space, whether it be in the living room or hallway. With water-resistant properties, you can even use it in the bathroom.

However, most people choose LVT for its stylish designs to achieve a solid wooden floor design. LVT captures the design of natural materials without the drawbacks of wood flooring and stone flooring. You still benefit from a great natural-looking floor, but one that lasts longer and is much easier to look after.

Vinyl flooring

A couple looking at a vinyl flooring roll

An alternate option to luxury vinyl, vinyl is a thin and flexible flooring made with several layers. As with luxury vinyl, printing patterns onto the tile allows for an array of design choices, such as real wood. You can even get a natural-looking floor for a fraction of the price.

While vinyl and laminate flooring may look similar, vinyl flooring has more benefits. Vinyl stands up much better in quality and design choice. It’s also an ideal flooring choice for families with pets, as it’s waterproof and tough to scratch.

Vinyl floors look great anywhere in the home. Hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms can benefit most from this flooring. You can choose between vinyl floor tiles or sheet vinyl, allowing for greater flooring variety throughout the home.

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Carpets and carpet tiles

A bedroom with modern grey carpet flooring

Carpet flooring is one of the most popular choices for flooring in people’s homes. With so many great designs, it’s not hard to see why people love using quality carpets in their homes. Carpet designs range from a single colour to different patterns.

The warmth and comfort carpets offer make it a great living room or bedroom flooring choice. It’s also easy to keep clean and maintain. You can benefit from the noise-reduction properties in the bedroom for a better night’s sleep. We offer the full range of carpets from Lifestyle Floors at E&M Services.

In addition to carpets, we also offer Burmatex carpet tiles, which are fast becoming a stylish home flooring choice. Offering the same benefits as carpets, carpet tiles are more flexible to create unique and stylish designs. As the carpet comes in small squares, there’s no limit to how you can lay the tiles. Carpet tiles also withstand wear and tear well over time.

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Entrance flooring

A hallway showcasing entrance flooring

With high traffic and dirty feet, hallway and doorway flooring can soon wear. We provide entrance flooring designed to withstand the moisture and dirt brought in from the outside.

While you may use a mat, entrance flooring is much more welcoming and inviting to your home. Entrance flooring is becoming popular in people’s homes because of its safety and practical benefits.

Entrance flooring blends with your home decor and other floors for better design. It also decreases slip hazards, is easy to clean, and is much more effective at trapping dirt and moisture.

Learn more about our entrance flooring solutions to create the right first impression in your home.

Floor edgings and stair nosing

Staircase with stair nosings

Add the finishing touches to your floor that make all the difference with floor edgings and stair nosing. Floor edgings add a consistent and polished appearance to any floor and provide the cherry on top of the flooring.

Threshold bars provide a smooth transition between floors. Floor trims add a stylish border to the edges of your floor. Stair nosings are easy to install on the edge of steps. These offer safety and enhance step boundaries for those with visual impairments.

Our team can provide and install stair nosing and flooring edgings that align with your design, flooring needs, and budget.

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