How should you clean Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors – some do’s and don’ts

Keeping your Luxury Vinyl Tile floors clean is now more important than ever. The current COVID-19 pandemic has made us all more aware of the importance of hygiene and business owners have a responsibility to keep the workplace safe. For those of us that have Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring, there are some best practices you can follow, and some cleaning methods you should avoid ensuring that your flooring is kept clean and in pristine condition. This is very important as Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring could get unstuck if left to soak in water.

It is important that you use a damp cloth to soak up any spills as soon as they happen. It is important that you do not allow liquids to stand on your Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

You should sweep or vacuum your Luxury Vinyl Tiles regularly. If you decide to vacuum, use the hard floor attachment so that you avoid dulling or scratching the floor finish.

Do not use using steel wool or any abrasive cleaners as these will scratch and ruin your Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Also, buffing or polishing machines are not suitable.

Cleaning Products

Always check if your cleaning products are safe and suitable to use on Luxury Vinyl Tiles. Do not use cleaning products that are not labelled as ‘safe for Vinyl or Laminate Flooring’. As a rule of thumb, oil-based cleaning products tend to leave streaks and residue. Oil-based cleaning products can damage the protective sealant of the floors. Using the wrong cleaning products can leave a film or waxy build up on the tiles.

If you use laminate cleaner, apply it directly to your mop or microfiber cloth rather than directly to the floor. Never use wax or polishes on Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

Making your own cleaning solution is an option. Use a teaspoon of clear and unscented washing up liquid with around 4 litres of hot water. If your Luxury Vinyl Tile has a slight film or waxy build up on it add some white vinegar in with the solution. The white vinegar will break down the film without damaging the surface.

Removing Stains Such as Candle Wax or Ink

For stains like candle wax or chewing gum, get a plastic bag and fill it with ice. Place the plastic bag over the gum or wax and once hardened, you can scrape off the substance with a credit card, plastic knife, or scraper. Just ensure the object you use to scrape is not too sharp, so that you do not scratch your Luxury Vinyl Tiles.

For stains such as paint, nail polish, markers or ink, you can rub these stains with rubbing alcohol, or you can use acetone/nail polish remover on a clean white cloth. Follow up by wiping the area with a damp cloth to remove any remaining residue.


Do not use a lot of water. Mopping Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring is a no. The water can seep into the seams and cause damage such as swelling, warping, and joint-line separation. Too much water can also cause staining or fading.

Steam cleaners should never be used as they may cause irreparable damage to your Luxury Vinyl Tiles.


To help keep your flooring in pristine condition, protect the surface from future damage. Use furniture pads under the legs of your chairs and tables. Use a welcome mat to reduce the amount of outside debris that is brought onto your floor from outside. Outside debris will not only dirty your Luxury Vinyl Tiles but it can also cause scratched and abrasions. At E&M Services we design and sell a wide range of high quality logo mats.

Many people ask us how often Luxury Vinyl Tiles should be cleaned. It does depend on the amount of footfall the floors receive. The main thing is to keep on top of your cleaning and as soon as you see a build-up of dirt, vacuum or sweep the floor. Spills should be absorbed immediately.

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