Commercial furniture needs to be robust, stylish and suitable for its purpose. Some companies make the mistake of just ordering an item off the internet, hoping it will meet their requirements. Unfortunately, buying purely on price often results in a bad decision, particularly if you haven’t done your research. At E and M Services, we always offer a personal service to our clients, whether you are looking to place an order for thousands of pounds or just a single item. We always make sure you are treated the same way. For us, every order is important and each of our clients matter. We like to build lasting relationships with our clients so that when we are carrying out flooring replacements, or decorating projects, we can assist with the purchase of new furniture, chairs and tables also. Buying with E and M Services allows you the benefit of internet prices with the knowledge of the people behind the company. We are happy to visit clients, provide samples and can also offer DSE assessments to ensure your new furniture is compliant with health and safety regulations.

Graphic sketch office furniture plan

Here are out top tips to choosing the right furniture

  1. Seating: when you need to replace your chairs, make sure that you get the right type. There are lots of different types of chairs such as operator and 24 hour chairs that have different characteristics designed to support the user, based on need and use. Different chairs have different abilities for adjustment, different types of fabric and options for arm and neck support for example. Of course, you also want your new chairs to look stylish as well as be comfortable. Sometimes, the best starting point is to carry out a DSE assessment, to assess the needs of the operators (contact us to discuss options) and then to marry what is needed with the right chairs. We are available to talk you through chair options and to help you to select the correct seat for your team.
  2. Desks and workstations: these come in a variety of styles with lots of different choices forOffice Deskslayout and cable management. Most organisations have a lack of space and that means you need to choose the right layout for your business. For safety reasons, you need to avoid having trailing leads around the office and to make your business look stylish, you want to make sure it looks smart. E and M Services offers a wide range of desk and workstation options with different features for making the most of your IT products. We can integrate power socket blocks, cable trays, clips and cable ducts to make desks professional and robust. In addition to this, our electrician can install new sockets if necessary to ensure that your office works exactly as you want. Again, we always aim to give a personal service; we are happy to visit your premises and help you design the best layout for your office.
  3. Storage: ensure that your business has adequate storage. Office storage includes pedestal drawers, cabinets, shelving, filing systems, sliding cabinets and towers. We offer a vast range of storage options. We can also provide bespoke storage options if necessary using our design and manufacture service. This allows us to custom make furniture specific to what you need. The options are endless. If you have unusual items that you need to store, please let us know and we can come up with a stylish solution. Don’t settle for options that don’t achieve your goals. Our storage expertise allows us to assist you to come up with the right option for your needs.
  4. Reception desks: how your business looks is important. The first physical contact many organisations have with customers involves their clients coming into their reception. Does it look professional? E and M Services offers a complete reception refurbishment service. This includes floor coverings, suspended ceilings, lighting, electrical works, decorating and furniture solutions. We also offer a full interior design service and 3d CAD imaging. When it comes to reception furniture, this needs to be functional, comfortable and practical but also needs to be stylish. We have a variety of reception desk designs to choose from or we can design a bespoke unit specially for you. Receptions often have waiting areas and we have a wide variety of seating and sofas to choose from for these areas, along with coffee tables and cabinetry.
  5. Meeting tables: we have a variety of tables to choose from. Meeting rooms need serviceable furniture to allow teams to come together. Whether you require a large board table or modular table systems that can interlock to form larger tables with layout options, we can help. Often companies use areas for multiple activities, one day a board room, next day a seminar room. Speak to us about your requirements and we can offer solutions to make the most of your space, whilst ensuring the benefits of modern, functional design. Again, as an interiors company, we can help adjust and refinish your rooms to ensure you have the right environment and image for your business.

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