E and M Services have decades of experience flooring,  building and creating interiors for schools, churches, hospitals, and businesses across the UK. We have created amazing receptions for schools, decorated and floored famous coffee house chains, refurbished churches, and floored miles of hospital wards.

2020 has seen the UK change almost beyond recognition. It is time to add some style and design to COVID-19 precautions. Afterall, COVID is here for the long haul and so we need to provide creative, enjoyable workplaces which are inherently COVID-19 Secure. Let E and M Services help to create COVID secure interiors for your organisation.

How E & M Services Can Help?

As one of Coventry’s longest serving flooring and interior contractors, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  With our extensive knowledge, we are now working with clients to create COVID Secure interiors.  We are installing easy clean floors, wipeable walls painted with advanced paint systems, providing custom designed furniture and reception desks as well as using clever room design to manage social distancing.

What does a COVID-Secure Interior look like?

Many of the interiors we are going to presently look rough! Hazard warning tape, excessive amounts of low-quality signage, oppressive looking homemade screen and traffic cones are just some of the new everyday sights! Then there are poorly designed and messy hand sanitising stations and ineffective queuing systems. Then there are issues relating to queuing outside in the rain without canopies. The joy and experience of life is being eroded by poor design choices and a short term approach to a long term problem. They are not welcoming, and they do not provide professional environments for staff or customers/students.

It is time for business, schools and even churches to start to become proactive against COVID. COVID secure measures don’t have to be like this. E and M Services plan interiors to become COVID-19 secure. We do this in ways that are properly designed to encourage safety whilst adding positively to the consumer experience.

We have seen offices that look more like prisoner visitor stations with massive screens, sticky tape and lots of negative signage. Offices can be designed to be inherently COVID-19 secure and still look great. By using easy clean vinyl flooring, large purpose built and well manufactured screens and simple touches such as automatic lighting, work environments transform.

COVID Secure Interiors

Why not reimagine the way your school or business looks. If you are here for the long term lets create interiors that promote COVID secure environments.

COVID Secure Interiors

Easy clean vinyl flooring can naturally create walkways that encourage social distancing, desks can be designed with sneeze screens that are discrete rather than oppressive. The options are endless. The great thing about working with E and M Services is the costs of our solutions are realistic and really competitive. We do not have massive overheads but we do have lots of experience, a skilled team and great product knowledge.

Children want to feel safe at school, diners want to feel comfortable and relaxed in restaurants and customers want to feel safe on premises. This means interiors need to catch up!

COVID secure interiors can look as great and modern as you would like. The key is to use products that are inherently antibacterial with easy-clean properties which are purpose built for the task.

If you have a busy reception area, it is time to come away from carpets and carpet tiles and to install fashionable LVT floors, like Karndean or Amtico, or vinyl installations. These floors are really hardwearing, on trend and they have acoustic properties designed into them. Afterall, if the virus falls to the floor within a couple of meters it makes sense to have a floor that can easily be sanitised to keep it safe!

COVID Secure Interiors

We also design and build amazing reception desks. We can add great features to keep your team safe and still provide a welcoming and modern business interior. COVID screens don’t have to look cheap and flimsy. So many of the screens that have appeared are temporary, they fall over and they obstruct work surfaces.  We can build substantial glazed screens with quality fixings and components that are designed into the reception counter. This way they help protect against COVID, they do not obstruct work areas and they are professional with design flare. COVID is here to stay so it is time to build permanent engineered solutions to enhance safety. This makes staff and visitors feel safe.

COVID Secure Interiors

We design and build bespoke solutions for clients. Our reception desk designs allow you to know how your products will look before they are manufactured. Attention to detail marries design and safety together. You are in the driving seat at all times and our design team work with you to meet your expectations.

COVID Secure Interiors

As part of the services we offer, we can supply and install suspended ceilings, carry out electrical installations, lighting upgrades, as well as install window blinds. E and M Services are on hand to help you with interiors across the board. Simple things like installing automatic lighting removes the need to touch light switches. Automatic doors remove the need to touch door handles and hygiene rated suspended ceiling tiles prevent virus and bacterial growth. We even offer wipeable window blinds that allow regular sanitising in high traffic areas such as waiting rooms. COVID-secure interiors need to be designed with cleanability in mind.

Other flooring options include Forbo Marmoleum. These floors offer great design options, they are easy clean and exceptionally durable. We install Marmoleum in schools and hospitals regularly as well as in other high traffic areas. Marmoleum is hard to beat when it comes to durability and longevity.

COVID Secure Interiors

We have some amazing products that add antibacterial and easy clean properties to hardwearing products and flooring. It is time to make changes to interiors to help in the battle against COVID-19. Easy clean surfaces, strict cleaning regimes, hand hygiene and clever solutions will all contribute to reducing the spread of the virus.

E and M Services are located in Coventry in the West Midlands. We work across the Midlands in Birmingham and Leicester regularly as well as further afield. As a local, small flooring and interior company we have the flexibility to help our clients achieve their objectives. We regularly carry out projects which are too small for many interiors’ firms such as a school reception upgrades, interiors for start-up firms or minor flooring installations. Whether your needs are large or small, E and M Services would welcome the option to work with you. We have the experience and the skills to make a difference.

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