Our top tips for an office refurbishment

Refurbishing your office can be costly especially if not carried out correctly. We have worked with many companies that have not considered the complete investment required or that have underestimated costs and the work involved previously. E and M Services work with our clients to manage expectations, budgets and achieve goals.

With the right planning, understanding and team behind you, refurbishing your office will be painless and prove to be a good investment. Follow our top tips for your office refurbishment and you will be aware of the pitfalls we see when taking over from projects that have not been thought through, or carried out by “cowboy” installers.

Allow enough time to plan the refurbishment

We often find that clients do not plan enough. You have your idea in your head, now ask the experts for their feedback. Start the planning process by involving people that will be using your office. Plan around your workers needs to make life as easy and as comfortable for them. Then once you have your plans in place, go back to your experts and ask them how long they anticipate the refurbishment will take. Then plan for the works. What will staff do when the refurbishment is taking place? When will the refurbishment take place? How will these changes affect staff and customers? E and M Services are happy to help our clients make these plans and offer our trusted experience.

Understand your objectives

Think about why you are planning this office refurbishment. Identify all the reasons so you can plan correctly and make the right choices. It could be that you require new and updated facilities as your current office furniture and office flooring may look tired and dated. Perhaps you have a space issue and need more storage units, or you have recently expanded and need to fit more staff in your existing space. Are there any legislation changes you need to consider? Is the reason for your refurbishment down to legislation changes? The one thing to remember is that many of your staff will spend at least 8 hours a day in the office. It is a known fact that morale and productivity suffer in an uninspiring environment. Let E and M Services help you to design this out. Make your business environment the best it can be for good value prices.

What are your furniture requirements?

What office furniture do you need and what furniture will make your office environment function more productively? If your staff are sat at their desk for hours on end, make sure they have ergonomic and comfortable chairs. This will pay off in the long run. What about desks? Do they all need cabinets? Is space an issue? Do you need an area where staff can store their personal items securely? Any professional and experienced supplier will be able to advise and help you select the right furniture for you. At E&M Services we do this all the time, so if it is something bespoke or an out of the box solution, we can help you plan for your office furniture requirements. We offer furniture solutions from both quality bespoke products to items from our extensive catalogue.

Plan ahead

We do not know what the future will hold, however just refurbishing your office for your immediate requirements is a big mistake. When planning for your office refurbishment consider any future expansion plans you may have. How long do you want to wait before having to refurbish your office again? If you are not planning on doing this for many years to come, then harder wearing materials for your floors and office furniture will be a better option. They may cost a little more but they will last longer. Consider how long you see your company staying in the same office space. If there is a possibility you will outgrow your current office environment in a few years, perhaps cut back on your budget.

Our top tip: Think how your business is likely to change over the next 5 years and plan for that now. Your office needs to reflect your current business values, however it must be able to adapt to any future changes.

Select the right contractor

This is probably one of the most important tips. Working with a professional contractor that understands all our goals and requirements is vital. A reputable and experienced company will be able to advise on your selections and offer alternatives should some of your choices not be suitable or not work within your allocated budget. The right office and flooring contractor will be able to complete your office refurbishment to a high standard, within budget and within agreed time frames. They will advise and use only the most suitable materials, flooring and office furniture. The right contractor will be able to turn your ideas into reality.

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