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Creating a strong and lasting impression is something that can help make a positive impact and maintain a good brand image. One way that businesses can create a strong and lasting impact is through bespoke office furniture. If you’ve never considered having bespoke furniture in your office, here are 6 reasons why it could be just what your business needs.

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What is bespoke furniture?

Bespoke furniture is custom-made furniture to meet the needs and specifications of the buyer. Unlike other furniture, bespoke furniture is made using high-quality materials and techniques. It also means you can create furniture suited to the image and needs of your business.

There are also lots of options for customisation, even down to the handles on draws and the style of wood. Bespoke furniture can even be made to measure making it a great choice for offices where space is limited.

No matter how you want your furniture to look or where it will be used, bespoke office furniture could be the perfect solution.

So, why should you consider bespoke office furniture?

Why should you consider bespoke furniture?

1.      Personalisation

The most significant benefit of bespoke furniture is the personalisation available. Bespoke furniture can be made from scratch meaning that if you have a particular design choice in mind, the furniture can be made to match.

Personalisation options can range from something big, such as materials, down to something much smaller, like the finishing touches. Whether you have a clear idea of what you want your bespoke office furniture to look like or not, your interior designer should be able to help with your design.

2.      Quality

If you want quality furniture that is made to last, bespoke furniture is the ideal choice for your office. That’s because the materials used in crafting bespoke furniture are of the highest quality. You should find the quality of your custom-made furniture to be better than anything you’d find in a showroom or catalogue.

Special care and attention to detail also go into making your bespoke furniture to make it can stand up well with usage. Not only is bespoke furniture made specifically to your specifications, but it’s also built to last.

3.      Eco-friendly

Another reason to consider bespoke office furniture is that it can be environmentally friendly. If your business is eco-friendly or focuses on sustainability, bespoke furniture will be a great way to emphasise those values. With bespoke furniture being made from scratch there are lots more possibilities for sustainable furniture.

Firstly, the materials that go into making your furniture items. You can choose to have your bespoke furniture made from renewable or sustainable materials. Secondly, as the furniture is handcrafted, it reduces the emissions that may be made from manufacturing traditional furniture.

There’s also a lot less wastage with bespoke furniture too. The stronger quality means it will be built to last. There shouldn’t be any concerns about the furniture breaking or wearing quickly resulting in having to buy replacements.

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4.      Flexibility

Bespoke office furniture includes much more than just office desks and chairs. Bespoke office furniture is extremely flexible and can include storage solutions, computer workbenches, or even custom-made reception counters.

Whether you are looking for modern and stylish designs to complement a more relaxed office space or something more traditional, there’s no end to the personalisation choices you can make with bespoke office furniture.

No matter how awkward of an office space you have, bespoke office furniture can be the perfect solution to create a desirable office space that everyone will like.

5.      One of a kind

As bespoke furniture is exclusively made to your requirements, it also means it’s one of a kind. Exclusivity has always had a strong psychological impact. People will always place greater value on exclusive items. That’s just human nature.

The same is true for bespoke office furniture. The exclusivity of bespoke furniture is another reason to consider it for your office space. Adding bespoke furniture to your office space can help your business add a unique touch and stand out with furniture that matches your brand.

6.      Long-term investment

You may be left thinking that bespoke office furniture which is tailored-made is going to cost a pretty penny. You may be right, but the beauty of bespoke furniture is you can tailor it to your budget. Overspending shouldn’t be a concern as your bespoke furniture can be made to fit your spending requirements.

Of course, anything that is custom-made will have a price tag. Bespoke furniture is very similar to buying a tailored made suit. Granted it will cost you more, but the furniture will be tailored exclusively to you and your office space.

As bespoke furniture is often made with quality craftsmanship, you’ll also be investing in a long-term office solution that will last longer than prebuilt alternatives. There’s also the added benefit of boosting employee productivity as well, making it an even better investment.

Whether you are looking to create a unique office space or want furniture that is built to last, bespoke furniture may be the perfect choice for your office space. With the flexibility of design choice, you can even create bespoke furniture that matches your brand and culture. So, the next time you are looking for office furniture, consider bespoke furniture.

E&M Services offer bespoke furniture solutions. For many years, we have worked at designing and installing quality bespoke furniture installations. From refitted school offices to creating tailored nurse working stations, we work to bring bespoke furniture to all commercial premises. We also offer fully 3D CAD designs so we can supply and install bespoke furniture perfectly to your needs.

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