An office space with luxury vinyl tile flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles can help to transform a space by providing a high-end and professional finish. While they can provide many benefits to an office space, some considerations should be taken into account when deciding if luxury vinyl tiles are suited for your office space.

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What are Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are a popular flooring option due to the stylish designs they offer alongside other perks, such as durability. Already a hugely popular flooring option for domestic spaces, LVT is fast becoming a commercial favourite too.

Compared to other flooring options available on the market, LVT is relatively new. It also offers the same stylish designs of other flooring options, such as wood and stone, by realistically capturing and mimicking the design.

LVT is made up of several layers which includes a backing layer, a stability layer, a design layer with the printed pattern, and a top layer for everyday wear and tear protection. Some brands of LVT also include an additional protective layer on top as well.

Now we’ve covered what LVT tiles are, let’s explore whether they are suited for your office space.

The pros of LVT in office spaces

Let’s start by exploring the benefits of using LVT in office spaces.


Perhaps the most significant benefit of LVT in an office space would be its durability. LVT tiles are water-resistant and scratch-proof. They can also withstand the daily pressure a floor is going to receive and still maintain their stylish design.

LVT flooring achieves its durable nature thanks to its unique manufacturing process. The multiple layers of the tiles are compressed in a liquid through a rolling process. Heat and air are then used to dry out the tiles resulting in toughened vinyl sheets.

With the extremely durable nature of LVT, they can be an ideal flooring choice for your office space, serving as a good investment that will stand the test of time.


With the unique manufacturing process, many different designs and styles can be printed on to LVT, giving it much more versatility when compared to natural flooring choices. With the combination of different size choices as well, there are endless possibilities for creating professional business spaces.

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And if the large choice of designs isn’t enough, there’s also lots of variety in laying patterns as well. From a simple stripwood pattern placing planks in a horizontal position, there’s also:

  • Broken bond

Broken bond flooring

  • Uniform
  • Parquet
  • Basket weave

Basket weave flooring

  • Chevron

Chevron flooring

  • Check

Check flooring

With the wide design scope available with LVT, you can easily create a professional office space that provides you with a positive business image. The right flooring can also help increase employee productivity too, with a professional floor offering 20% more productivity.


Another great perk of LVT is the added soundproofing abilities. Office spaces tend to be quite noisy environments and even a simple nearby conversation can affect productivity by 66%. Added background noise, such as footsteps, can also drastically affect productivity.

To help combat the noise pollution in an office space, LVT has soundproofing qualities which means not only do the tiles make less noise when walked on, but they also absorb sound. When combined with a sound-insulating underfloor they can help soundproof your office space even more.

Easy and quick installation

Man installing luxury vinyl tiles

Disruptions to your business can cost you dearly. With projects, such as a floor refitting, there can be big disruptions to your business and employees. If disruptions are a concern for your business, LVT can ease your mind with a quick and easy installation.

A professional flooring contractor with experience in installing LVT, such as E&M Services, can quickly and efficiently fit your new flooring to reduce any disruption to your business. To help you prepare in advance, a professional flooring contractor will agree on an organised schedule for how long and when the job will be completed, allowing you to plan in advance.

LVT comes with different installation choices that help with a quicker installation:

  • ‘Glue down’ using a backing adhesive to stick the tiles down to prevent the tiles from slipping and providing added durability.
  • ‘Loose lay’ is quicker to fit than ‘glue down’ as no adhesive is used. Instead, the tiles are tightly laid together on the floor allowing for a much quicker installation.
  • ‘Click’ where the flooring tiles are clicked together into place instead of using an adhesive. Clicking the tiles into place ensures slip resistance without the need for an adhesive for quicker installation.

The cons of LVT in office spaces

Despite the great benefits LVT can provide for transforming your office spaces, some considerations also need mentioning.


A mop cleaning luxury vinyl tiles

While LVT tiles are extremely easy to clean and maintain, care should be taken when cleaning the tiles to help them maintain their professional and quality design. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners that will scratch, or polish that can stain your flooring tiles.

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If you are a business with strong sustainable values, LVT tiles may not be for you. Unlike other flooring choices, such as carpet tiles, LVT is not sustainable. In the event any tiles become damaged, they cannot be replaced or repaired. Also, LVT is made using PVC which is not eco-friendly as it cannot be recycled and is not biodegradable.

LVT tiles do last a long time though meaning they can prove a worthwhile investment to give you flooring that stands the test of time. Compared to carpet, laminate and vinyl flooring provide much more longevity so you won’t have to spend money on replacing your floor anytime soon.

Exposure to direct sunlight

Sunlight shining onto flooring tiles

LVT tiles can fade when exposed to direct sunlight over a prolonged period. While LVT won’t fade to the extent of other laminate flooring options on the market, over time it can start to cause the pattern to fade.

Depending on the extent of sunlight exposure, fading may not occur until a few years after the tiles are installed. Alternatively, office spaces with large windows that receive lots of direct sunlight may need to consider adding UV-protective films on your windows to prevent LVT from fading. That way, you can enjoy the great benefits without the worry of losing the professional design.

The many great benefits LVT can provide makes it an ideal flooring for office spaces. With the durable and soundproofing properties they can help to create a much more productive working environment while the additional versatility can help your business image.

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