As a commercial flooring supplier in the Midlands, E&M Services have installed a wide range of floor types for our customers. So, when it comes to deciding which flooring type is most suitable for your space, consider the following:

LVT Design Flooring

There are a number of manufacturers of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring such as Amtico and Karndean. They are beautiful floors designed to give spectacular design flexibility to create either modern or traditional flooring finishes. Each brand option will have various finishes and types available; some are stone effects, others ceramic and wood flooring styles and others include marbling and funky modern freeform designs. One of the main appeals with LVT flooring is the unique design flexibility. So many different finishes can be achieved with a high quality, long life product. As commercial flooring suppliers, we find that high end retailers really love LVT flooring. It can be used to zone off areas and provide walkways through shopping displays. LVT is also great for reception areas, offices and display areas.


As with every type of flooring prices and quality varies. Cheaper LVT flooring, whilst inexpensive, will not last as long and can have a tendency to scratch. It is not suitable for commercial spaces but might be fine for low use domestic environments. The higher end LVT products, such as those manufactured by Karndean, offer excellent long-term flooring solutions that will stand up to prolonged hard work whilst retaining their finish.  This is why at E&M Services, as commercial flooring suppliers, we will only offer higher quality LVT floors.

Office Flooring

Durability & Maintenance

A quality LVT floor is sometimes described as a “forever” floor. As long as they are professionally installed they will last a very long time. The key to LVT flooring is the subfloor preparation. There is a huge variety of subfloor smoothing compounds but they do not all do the same job! We are experienced subfloor preparation specialists. We can advise in managing damp issues, levelling subfloors, dealing with serious subfloor cracks and faults and bringing it back to standard, ready for your new floor. Our fitters know how to fix subfloor issues!

Carpeted Flooring

20_01_desso_02Carpets and carpet tiles are a great option if you are looking to add texture, warmth and colour into your work space. Carpeted flooring is available in lots of fantastic styles, fashionable patterns and mosaics. They are durable, have good acoustic properties, cost effective, quick to install and easy to maintain. We supply and install hundreds and hundreds of boxes of carpet tiles each year to schools, colleges, hotels and offices. We design floors, mix colours, textures and styles creating truly unique interiors.


Yes, you’ve guessed it. Like everything else carpeted flooring quality can vary. Take it from flooring supplier experts, go with the best quality that fits within your budget. Inferior carpets may look cheap and they will not last as long as a good quality carpet. Spending a little extra in the first place will ensure you will have longer use of the carpet and not have to worry about the disruption re-laying will cause, not to mention the cost of another carpet. Good quality underlays for sheet carpets make all the difference. We offer a wide range of products and will have the ideal solution for your budget.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is extremely flexible. It is also available in a wide range of styles and colours perfect to suit many different environments. As professional commercial flooring suppliers we recommend using vinyl flooring in areas where there is heavy footfall, heavy wear or a need to use a very diverse design led product. As vinyl flooring is extremely durable, it is perfect for busy environments. We install miles of vinyl flooring each month in hospitals, care-homes, offices, schools and retail environments across Coventry, Birmingham and the Midlands. It is a durable and diverse flooring solution. They are specially designed to offer different characteristics. For example there are specialist sports vinyl flooring for sports halls; there are acoustic vinyl flooring products for large areas where ‘echo’ can be an issue. There are very heavy wearing specialist vinyl flooring solutions for commercial kitchens, hospital laboratories or hygiene environments. We supply vinyl flooring from all the major manufacturers including Tarkett and Polyflor.


Specialist safety flooring

aac1fea2b59249c9f893268ec3e22602Specialist safety flooring is essential if you are looking to renovate a business such as a healthcare practice, like a doctor’s surgery, dentist, medical clinic or care home. Specialist Safety Flooring in these types of establishments are required to be hygienic and easy to clean. The heavy footfall also requires that the flooring material is extremely durable. As a Commercial Flooring Supplier, we have many years’ experience installing flooring for hospitals, clinics and health care providers. We will be able to provide you with guidance throughout the process.

Another environment where safety flooring is required is in the education sector. Wet floors are dangerous. As a result safety flooring is ideal for heavy footfall entrance areas, corridors, stairs, bathrooms, changing areas, D&T rooms and art classrooms. Their use is very broad.

We offer a variety of safety flooring products. Some are specifically designed to be used where floors can be wet but the people using the floor are likely to be wearing shoes. In some other environments, such as a gym changing rooms, bathroom or hotel areas, the user maybe likely to be barefoot. There are specific flooring products designed for these areas to ensure safety. We can offer free advice as to the best products to be used in which environments.

Finally, there are specific safety vinyl flooring solutions for commercial kitchens. We have been installing commercial kitchen flooring for decades. A good commercial vinyl, specifically designed for these environments, prevents slips, trips and falls, stays hygienically clean and will last for years despite the hard-wear a commercial kitchen floor takes. Please get in touch to find out more.

At E&M Services we have years of experience installing floors in all types of environments and are more than happy to have a no-obligation chat with you to discuss your options. Whether you run a school, hospital or clinic with tight regulations to adhere to, or a high-end fashion boutique and need to impress your clientele, we can help you find the perfect flooring for your business.

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