Office workspace showing laminate flooring

As we enter another year, perhaps it is time to consider changing your workspace flooring? While it may not be something you have considered, the start of a new year can be an ideal time to undertake such tasks. You may have heard of the saying “new year, new you”, but what about new year, new floor?

Many consider the start of a new year to be a time of change, with new year resolutions being the pinnacle of attempting to accomplish such changes. While some may consider a change of scenery, not so many consider replacing their workspace flooring. Whether you are working at your business office or from a home office, updating your workspace flooring can help to change things up a bit for 2022.

Changing your workspace flooring does not have to be costly or time consuming. With many choices available, finding a new flooring that matches the rest of your home or office environment can be easy. With a range of flooring types available depending on your preference or need, replacing your current workspace flooring can help bring a wealth of new benefits. Still not sold on the idea?  Stick with us as we explore 5 reasons why you should consider a new floor for the new year.

5 reasons why should change your workspace flooring

1.      So many choices to pick from

When considering which workspace flooring to go for, the wide variety of choices may leave you unsure which flooring is best for your needs. While the range of choices may seem daunting, the fact there are so many choices to pick from is actually a reason why you should consider changing your workspace flooring. With a great number of choices available, finding a new flooring that matches your current décor and needs shouldn’t be a difficult task.

Here is a quick run-down of the flooring you can pick from:

Carpet tiles

Ideal for high traffic floors, carpet tiles provide a versatile and durable flooring with a wealth of design choices for a reasonable price. Easily cleaned and maintained, carpet tiles can be quickly fitted making them an ideal choice for office workspaces.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

A relatively new flooring option, luxury vinyl tiles are becoming increasingly popular due to their durable nature and affordable price. Suitable for both home and commercial flooring, LVT can provide the all-natural look of different flooring materials, such as wood, without the drawbacks associated with such flooring. It does require a little more knack for installation though as most LVT are installed using an adhesive. LVT is also easy to clean and maintain and helps provide a warm and quiet flooring option.

Rubber flooring

Ideal for workspaces where excessive levels of foot traffic are likely to be a problem. Rubber flooring can withstand the pressure due to its resilient and durable nature as well as providing good slip resistance. Available in a wide choice of designs and colours, rubber flooring is very easy to maintain. However, the high durability comes at a price, making rubber flooring dearer than other flooring options available. Rubber flooring is ideal for healthcare or sports premises.

Laminate flooring

A common misconception is that laminate flooring and LVT are the same. In fact, the two flooring options are quite different. LVT flooring uses multiple layers to provide an authentic and flexible looking design, laminate flooring gains its looks from a photographic top layer that is not as hard wearing. While laminate flooring is now becoming more accustomed to water spillages and scratches, the ease of installation may make it an ideal choice that can be quickly installed.

Stone flooring

A durable flooring option that can provide a natural and elegant look. Stone flooring does not attract allergens and dust and can be cleaned very easily. As each stone is different, using stone flooring can provide a unique look to your workspace. However, some stone flooring options can become brittle resulting in scratches, cracks, or even chips. Stone flooring tends to require a higher budget too.

So, with many choices available, picking a new flooring option for your workspace has never been so easy. With easy to install options, such as carpet tiles and laminate flooring, the disruption caused to your business or working environment will be minimal too.

2.      Improved hygiene

Maintaining a hygienic working environment is something we have all become increasingly familiar with due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many ways you can continue to provide secure working environments, including with the flooring you have. Cleaning or upgrading your workplace flooring is something that we may now see more of to help reduce the spread.

Floors can be a breading ground for bacteria and viruses, either brought in from outside on shoes, or spread when walking on areas with infected droplets. Choosing a flooring option that is easy to clean and disinfect can help minimise the spread. Both hard flooring and carpet flooring have their advantages here.

Another problem with some types of flooring is trapping dust and other particles that may trigger allergies. Some flooring options are better at preventing these allergens. Flooring, such as laminate, is hypoallergenic which means dust and other contaminants that may cause allergies do not get trapped.

3.      Keeps your business image fresh

If your workspace flooring has been down for a long time, it may start to look a little worse for wear. Whether it be cracks in your hard flooring or stubborn stains that refuse to come out of your carpets. Some areas may look worse than others where the floor is exposed to high foot traffic. A simple option you may have considered is only replacing the affected areas, to minimise cost and disruption to your business. However, doing this is not always the best option. Not only can it create inconsistencies in the quality of your flooring, both visually and practically, but it can also look bad for your business image.

Some of the problems with your flooring may be hidden. The subflooring may have aged and need replacing too. The foundation to which your new flooring is installed, subflooring is vital to providing a stable surface for floor coverings and heavy load that can be placed on flooring.

The flooring you choose can be a reflection of your business and brand personality. Do you really want a bad floor to reflect negatively on your businesses image? Replacing your workspace flooring will help to keep your business image fresh and create a positive impression on your customers. Employees will also thank you as new flooring will reflect through to your business culture and team morale.

4.      Reduce cleaning

Flooring that has been down for a while may need greater care and attention to try and freshen it up. The fabric on carpets may have worn or become riddled with stains that refuse to budge. The pattern on laminate flooring could have faded or become exposed to cracks and scratches.

Also, flooring that has worn slightly or seen the colour or pattern fade will be a lot harder to restore its original stylish looks, especially if the shine or polish has worn. You may spend more time trying to clean the floor, using different cleaning detergents or solutions, in an attempt to keep the old flooring looking presentable.

However, the time and effort spent trying to restore your old flooring may be in vain. In some cases, the only way to get your floor looking as good as it once did is by replacing it. With flooring options such as carpet tiles or vinyl tiles, you may decide that replacing only the affected tile would be a viable option. This may be a good choice for flooring that has not been down too long, but with older flooring this may create inconsistencies. If this is the case replacing it entirely may be the only option.

5.      Boost motivation and productivity

One final reason why you should consider updating your workspace flooring is the benefits it can provide in boosting motivation and productivity. People love new things, and the same goes for making changes to the workplace. Changing the flooring in the workplace can help to improve the look and feel of a workplace, which in turn will help to boost productivity and motivation. When things look good, people feel good. Workspace flooring is no different.

Not only is there positive psychology involved but switching your flooring to a noise reducing flooring can also help boost productivity. Workplaces can be noisy environments, with many different sounds that add to a busy atmosphere. Research has shown that higher noise levels can have a negative impact on employees’ health and wellbeing. However, the flooring you choose can help reduce some of that noise. Choosing a flooring, such as LVT, that is adapted to minimise the noise as you walk on it can help boost productivity and motivation.

With so many great reasons why you should change your workplace flooring, consider starting the new year with a new floor. Here at E&M Services, we have a wide range of flooring options for both public sector and commercial premises. With vast experience and expertise in the supply and installation of all kinds of flooring, we work around the clock to exceed our client’s expectations. Check out our portfolio to see some of the flooring projects we have undertaken.

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