Office Flooring

Refurbishing your office is one of those tasks that businesses tend to put on the back burner. It is seen as lower priority than many high-profile business tasks but, leave it too long, and it can have a detrimental effect on how people perceive your business. This is especially true if your competitors are on the ball and plowing ahead with their own refurbishment. Faded carpets and shabby office furniture doesn’t help your brand image if you are trying to appear cutting-edge and forward thinking. You don’t want your business to be portrayed as the cheap, tatty alternative to your competition.

The great thing is, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to make your business premises look swanky and impressive. There are many options available to suit different budgets and requirements.

Vinyl flooring for your business

Vinyl is a great choice for office flooring. It’s durable, stylish and versatile, quick to install and easy to maintain. It’s also relatively cheap when compared to some other flooring options. Vinyl is perfect for areas with heavy footfall, being durable and long-lasting, it can stand the test of time. Nowadays there are loads of different styles and designs available, with a range of colours, treatments and patterns to suit any style. You can even get vinyl which looks just like natural stone or wood.

Carpet flooring for your business

Another popular choice, particularly for office flooring, is carpet. There’s nothing quite a like a carpet to give your room that warm, welcoming feel. And with many businesses perceived as cold and sterile, a carpet can decidedly improve customers’ perception of your business. Choosing carpet as your flooring option will give you with loads of choice in terms of design and style, with a range of colours, patterns to suit all tastes. Carpets are relatively cheap when compared to other more extravagant flooring options. They also help retain heat, improve soundproofing, and provide protection against dust and dirt.

Carpet tiles for your business

Another option for your business floor is carpet tiles. Carpet tiles can help you achieve a similar look and feel as carpet but tends to be lower cost, and easier to install and maintain. It’s true that carpet tiles have had a bad press in the past, but nowadays they come in a huge range of designs and styles to suit any business. Carpet tiles also come with anti-static properties making them an ideal choice for computer-based office environments. And being modular means a lot less waste. If one area is damaged, you only need to replace that tile rather than the whole floor.

Wooden flooring for your business

For high-end businesses who really need to focus on their image, wooden flooring can be a great option. It tends to be considerably more costly than the aforementioned options, but does provide an element of class, style and luxury, that no other flooring can match. Wooden flooring can last for a long time but does require a fair amount of maintenance work in to keep it looking great. This type of stylish flooring can really set you apart and make the perfect statement for your business.

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