5 Reasons why Vinyl Flooring is a great choice for your business

With so many commercial flooring options available it can be a bit of a minefield for businesses trying to determine the best solution for them. We often speak to businesses who are looking for advice on their specific flooring requirements, and we understand the complexity of the task at hand. There are pros and cons for each type of flooring and what is right for one business may be the wrong option for another. One of the most adaptable types of flooring that can be used for all sorts of businesses is vinyl flooring. Read on for 4 good reasons why vinyl flooring is worth your consideration.

Vinyl flooring is extremely durable

One of the best features of vinyl is its durability and it is often the material of choice for areas of heavy footfall. It is long lasting and can stand the test of time against heavy use. It is also a very affordable flooring option, saving you money when compared to other more extravagant options such as wooden flooring, tiles or natural stone. For these reasons it is the perfect option for office flooring, school or nursery flooring, medical center flooring, and many other public buildings.

Vinyl Flooring is stylish and versatile

Another big positive with vinyl flooring is the sheer quantity of designs and styles available. There really is a style to suit every situation. There is a huge range of colours, treatments and patterns available and even high-quality vinyl that looks just like wood or natural stone. Whatever your requirements, you can be confident that there is a vinyl flooring option that will fit perfectly with your business.

Vinyl flooring is quick to install

Not only is vinyl durable and affordable but it is also quick and easy to install, which means further savings for your business. Whilst it is possible for you to install vinyl yourself, we always recommend using a professional to ensure the subfloor preparation and the installation of the vinyl flooring is carried out correctly.

Vinyl Flooring is easy to maintain

Another reason why vinyl is so popular is because it is extremely low maintenance. It is resistant to water, stains and scratches, making it the perfect choice for areas of heavy footfall, kids, or where food and drink is consumed. Cleaning vinyl is a doddle requiring only the occasional sweep and mop, and it can keep its appearance much longer than other, more extravagant, flooring options.

Vinyl Flooring is good for your health

One of the often-overlooked benefits of vinyl flooring is that it is good for people with allergies. Carpets tend to collect dust and dirt, and with them allergens. It is also surprisingly difficult to remove these irritants once they have bedded into the carpet fibres. Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, collects dust and dirt on its surface, which can be quickly and easily removed by conventional cleaning methods.

So there you have it… Vinyl flooring is affordable, quick to install and maintain, and immensely durable and long lasting. It’s definitely worth considering if you are looking for flooring options for your business.

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