At E&M Services we are able to offer a wide range of different flooring designs and types. Depending on where the floor needs to be laid, our experts will be able to advise on the right floor type for the job. Selecting the right choice of floor for the intended application is imperative. Selecting the right flooring contractor sounds obvious but with so many companies about, it is easy to select someone that may not have the required skills or the best reputation.

Flooring Contractors CoventryThe internet has opened up the market to a lot of competition, the problem is that anyone can setup a website and create a lot of content, without necessarily having the right experience. This is why we always recommend you speak to a local company. If you are a business based in Coventry and are going to invest in a new commercial floor, speaking to another Coventry or Warwickshire based business is a lot easier than dealing with a company based in London. That’s not to say that the London flooring contractors do not have the right experience, however should you run into any issues, a local company should be easier to deal with.

In order to help you select the right flooring contract specialists, we have got together some information which will be useful during the research process of your buyer journey.

Flooring Preparation

Flooring Preparation - Flooring Contractor Specialists in CoventryWhen installing new flooring, it is important that the ground is prepared properly. Will your flooring contractor include the preparation as standard or will they charge you extra for this? At E&M Services we are specialists in sub floor preparation. We offer damp proofing, levelling and smoothing solutions. By providing this service we can ensure that your flooring installation is carried out to the highest standard.


Selecting the right flooring design goes without saying, however not all flooring Flooring Specialists Coventryspecialists are able to provide you with a wide range of flooring types and designs. E&M Services are specialists in flooring design so not only do we have a wide range of flooring types that you suit your needs, we also have a wide range of design, patterns and colours that will allow you to express yourself and your business.


Flooring installation is one thing, fitting high quality flooring that have been manufactured using the highest quality materials is another. With sub-standard materials you run the risk that your floor will not be installed to last. Whilst you may save money on the material cost, a reinstallation will be required within a matter of years, which will cause extra cost and disruption to your business. Do not fall into this trap and ensure your flooring contractors only use the highest quality materials available on the market.

Quality Installers

When you receive a quote make sure you look at, not just the cost, but also what you will get for your money in terms of service and quality. Quality installers will not only provide you with a good fitting, but they will also be able to advise you on aftercare for your flooring. Quality installers will also respect your business property and will be polite and courteous to your customers should you be carrying out a refit whilst your business remains open.

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