Carpet tiles are the preferred flooring option for many different organisations. Schools, colleges, hospitals, retail environments, offices and universities really value their design flexibility combined with how hardwearing they are. E and M Services supply and fit thousands of square meters of carpet tile flooring every year, to many such environments around Coventry and the West Midlands.

What are the benefits of carpet tiles?

Carpet TilesCarpet tiles normally come in 500x500mm squares, in boxes of 5m2. They are available in a wide variety styles, colours and patterns and can be installed in either a broad loom style, which offers a more traditional carpet look, or they can be installed at 90 degree angles to each other, providing a chequerboard effect. In addition to these traditional carpet tile fitting techniques there are many other options available to clients to personalise their new flooring. We can mix colours, textures and styles together to create a really stylish and bespoke flooring. By blending different colours and ranges of carpet tiles together we can produce a completely bespoke flooring design to make the most of your interior design. In addition to this we can use carpet tiles to form boarders, walkways and departmental separation to areas.

Carpet tiles can be used to enhance inclusivity for people with visual problems and also for those suffering with dementia related health problems. Please speak to us to find out more.

E and M Services offer a broad range of flooring designs to help our clients make the most of their floor covering choices.

Are carpet tiles expensive?

There is a broad spectrum of carpet tiles so there is a flooring product for every budget. We are certain that we can impress you with the cost for replacing your existing flooring with a quality carpet tile installation. We can assist you with your planning and budgeting by offering free quotations and design advice. Our prices are always the best in Coventry and Warwickshire backed up with decades of experience. Please call us to find out more!

What do I do if the subfloor is damaged?

We can help, so don’t worry. Over time subfloors deteriorate and they need to be repaired. This is particularly the case in busy areas where there is a lot of footfall. Older buildings regularly have cracked and damaged subfloors but we are able to provide you with repairs for a very reasonable charge. Whether your subfloor is concrete or timber we have the products and the expertise to fix it. You might have holes or cracks in the concrete subfloor or even loose floor boards. These are very common and we can get these repaired for you. In order for any new floor covering to perform as it should do, it needs to be fitted on a solid, dry subfloor. E and M Services has been carrying out specialised subfloor repairs in Coventry and Warwickshire since 1988 making us one of Coventry’s longest established flooring contractors.

Do carpet tiles stay clean?

Carpet tiles are designed and manufactured for tough, commercial use. Schools, colleges and universities, for example, have thousands of people walking over their carpet tiles every day. Yet they are often their first choice for replacement flooring because they are tried and tested. This is because carpet tiles are dependable, hard wearing, they help with acoustics and they retain their appearance really well. Most of the time, all they require is a good vacuum to collect up the day to day soiling that occurs. Manufacturers recommend they are cleaned periodically and we always provide clients with a cleaning and maintenance guide. Another great benefit to carpet tiles is we always leave some spare tiles, this way if you need to replace a few tiles, you can!

For more information about carpet tiles or to arrange a free no obligation quotation please get in touch