Living room with carpet flooring

Carpets are a widely popular flooring type in homes across the UK. With so many designs and patterns available, you’ll have no trouble finding a carpet to match your interior design needs. But there’s a lot more to carpet than just good looks. In this article, we explore the benefits of carpets in your home.

1. Style and beauty

One of the best benefits of carpets in your home is the beauty and style it adds. Whether you are looking for a single colour or bold patterns, there are plenty of options available. Choosing carpets for your home gives you a wealth of design and personalisation choices.

Carpet also has a unique style compared to other flooring. The addition of carpet to a living room or bedroom can help make a space feel comfier and more casual. You could even mix and match and go for different colours in every room! There is no end of possibilities with carpets!

Another factor that adds to the style and beauty of carpets is the variety of textures. Many carpets have a loop design that makes a perfect addition to modern spaces. Alternatively, soft and plush carpets feel soft and warm underfoot. At E&M Services, we offer an extensive range of both modern and traditional carpets, including Lifestyle Floors, to suit your design needs.

2. Improved air quality

Another benefit of having carpets in your home is the improved air quality and hygiene. Studies in recent years have indicated that carpet is much more beneficial than hardwood floors for those with allergies or health problems, such as asthma.

Carpets act as a filter, trapping dust, particles, and pollen. Research has shown that those suffering from allergies or health problems can benefit from better breathing and reduced symptoms. How often you vacuum your carpet can also make a difference.

Many carpets nowadays emit very low volatile organic compounds (potentially harmful gasses emitted from manmade products into the air). With low VOC emissions, you can also benefit from improved air quality.

3. Warmth and comfort

Compared to other floors, carpets are much cosier and warmer in the cold winter months. That’s because carpets retain warm air much longer than other flooring types. Another great reason for adding carpets to your home.

Carpet also provides a much more comfortable alternative to other floors, whether for walking, sitting, or playing. There’ll be no more worrying about walking on cold hard floors in the morning either.

Thinking of changing to a carpeted floor? At E&M Services, we will remove and carefully dispose of your existing flooring. We also supply and install a range of different flooring to suit your needs. We offer carpets and underlay, LVT (including Ambiance), and cushion flooring.

4. Reduces noise

The noise-reducing capabilities of carpet is another benefit you can gain from adding carpets to your home. Homes can sometimes get a little noisy. Fortunately, carpets can reduce noise and help soundproof spaces.

It’s all down to the way carpets are made. Compared to hardwood floors that reflect a sound, carpets absorb the sound due to the fibre and underlay. It can also make the acoustics of a room more pleasant and dampen foot traffic noise too.

This makes carpets an ideal choice for those living in apartments or for reducing disturbances. Adding cosy carpets to your bedroom could also help improve your sleep quality, and the same goes for a nursery too. We also supply and install window blinds (both vertical and Venetian) to provide a perfect accompaniment to your flooring choice.

5. Cost

Another great reason for choosing carpets for your home is the cost. Carpets provide a cost-effective flooring choice that won’t see you need to break the bank. Especially if you’ve already spent a lot on other aspects of a new home.

Compared to other flooring types, fitted carpets are more cost-effective to install too. Most floors will come in tiles, such as luxury vinyl tiles. However, the carpet comes in large rolls making it better for fitting any room size.

With the lower price of carpet compared to other flooring options, you’ll find it’s more convenient for kitting out every room. Compared to other floor types, carpet can be installed over a variety of subfloors too, with more flexible requirements.

If subfloor preparation is needed, we provide extensive subfloor preparation services to give your flooring installation a strong foundation. Our subfloor preparation services include levelling floors, smoothing compounds, or installing plywood subfloors.

6. Soften slips and falls

The cushioning carpets provide against slips and falls is another reason to consider adding carpets to your home. Carpets help soften slips and falls by providing better safety protection, particularly for those more at risk of falling (which makes carpets a great choice for babies and toddlers).

If slips and falls do happen, carpets provide that safety protection and cushioning to minimise injury. Also, carpets are not slippery like hard floors eliminating the slip risk. This can also reduce the risk of slipping on stairs making it a much safer flooring option.

At E&M Services, we also offer safe flooring services to provide you with quality flooring installation and peace of mind. All of our expert flooring fitters are experienced, with up-to-date DBS checks in place. We are also fully insured in the unfortunate event something goes wrong to give you peace of mind.

7. Easy to clean

This last benefit of carpets may surprise some. Many believe carpets to be high-maintenance flooring that regularly needs cleaning. The truth is quite the opposite. Asides from regularly vacuuming to remove dust and dirt, most carpets will only require an annual deep clean.

A major concern with carpets, however, is stains. Whether you’ve split a glass of red, coffee, or tomato, some stains appear impossible to remove. This worry can often put people off choosing carpet.

Fear not, stains can be removed from the carpet. Acting quickly and blotting from the outside in is always recommended. The cleaning agent you use will depend on the stain. Find out more about removing different stains from carpets.

With the many great benefits that carpets offer, you can transform your home’s living spaces. If you are looking for the right floor, we can help. Get in touch today to make an appointment to visit our showroom or arrange for a home visit. We also offer free quotations to support your flooring installation project.