a living space with Ambiance herringbone flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are a widely popular flooring choice for commercial and domestic properties. Ambiance is one of the leading LVT brands that offers a wide range of design choices, making it ideal for various interior spaces. We’ve picked some design ideas to showcase what Ambience has to offer.

What are Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

Samples of luxury vinyl tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles are a type of flooring that perfectly imitates natural flooring, such as wood and stone. Made with several layers, LVT boasts many great benefits that help set it apart from its natural flooring counterparts.

Firstly, LVT is made using several layers that help contribute to this flooring’s durability. Layers such as the rigid core and top wear layer help provide extra stability and protection from everyday wear. The thickness of the core layer can vary to suit different needs and flooring demands.

LVT is also an easy floor to clean and maintain and is considered one of the most low-maintenance flooring choices available. All that is required to look after LVT is regular mopping and vacuuming. Looking after an LVT floor is much less hassle than its natural-looking flooring counterparts.

Another reason why LVT is such a popular flooring is that it costs a fraction of the price of natural floors. While you will need to pay more for much higher quality, the price still won’t come anywhere near natural floors. Proper subfloor preparation can also ensure quality flooring too.

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What is Ambiance LVT?

a clothing store with Ambiance luxury vinyl tiles

Ambiance offers a range of high-quality and luxury flooring choices for both commercial and domestic interiors. There are a variety of Ambiance flooring ranges, each with different designs and characteristics.

Ambiance flooring types 3mm thick are also made with a thin and versatile polyurethane-coated wear layer. This layer is combined with an extremely lookalike design film and a compact baking layer. The durability of Ambiance makes it an ideal choice for retail flooring and commercial settings, such as office spaces.

Alongside the hard-wearing nature of Ambiance, the versatile and unique designs on offer make it easy to match a design with existing fixtures or fittings. Unlike other makes of LVT, Ambiance uses a structure to the materials of the tiles that help make it more pliant.

Ambiance interior design ideas

The Hand-scraped range for a traditional design

Ambiance design ideas using the hand-scraped range

If you are looking for a traditional or classic design for your flooring, the Hand-scraped range from Ambiance is a great choice. Perfectly imitating the look of distressed wood, the hand-scraped range is a perfect choice for living spaces to create a classic and natural-looking design.

The hand-scraped range comes in a variety of different colours for you to choose from. Firstly, Arden Oak is a choice that closely resembles a traditional Oak floor. Alternatively, the Bayren Oak and Church Oak provide a darker oak colouring. A lighter King Charles Oak design is also available.

Tick Finish for a smooth bathroom design

A bathroom with tick finish Ambiance flooring

An alternative wood-effect design from Ambiance is the Tick Finish. The Tick Finish comes with one Alder design with a smooth finish. Like the aged hand-scraped design, the Alder also perfectly imitates aged wood. Makes for an ideal choice to achieve a classic bathroom design.

Shale Finish for a slate design

Ambiance design ideas using the shale finish in a kitchen

The Shale Finish range from Ambiance is an ideal choice for use in kitchens and bathrooms. With an assortment of slate-effect tile designs available, there is plenty of design choices for you to create a truly unique interior space.

For those looking for a modern design, there’s a wealth of contemporary and sleek designs available. Designs such as Black Marble, Grey Sandstone, Welsh Slate, and Silver Nickle, are all ideal choices for a modern bathroom space.

Alternatively, for those wanting a classic or rustic kitchen design, options such as Dorset Slate, Old English Limestone, Roman Slate, and Honey Travertine make ideal choices for a classic country kitchen design.

Prima for a cosy bedroom

A bedroom with Prima Ambiance flooring

The Prima range from Ambiance is their entry-level range, designed for achieving a living surface finish that perfectly imitates wood. While Prima may be the entry-level range, there are plenty of classic design choices that look great if you’re on a limited budget.

The Prima range comes with a wealth of classic designs that make it a great choice for creating a cosy and calming bedroom space. Traditional wood colours, such as Florence, Hannah, Autumn Oak, and Champagne Oak, all help create a rustic feel to any space.

Alternatively, Cyprus Umber, Loire, Pearl Grey, and Azura Grey, are all ideal Prima design choices for those wanting something a little different or modern. All Prima tiles are 2.5mm thick and include a 0.3mm top wear layer so the tiles both look and feel good underfoot.

Deep Emboss to transform your living room

Ambiance design ideas using deep emboss in a living room

The Deep emboss range from Ambiance is the brand’s largest range of LVT available. The range perfectly imitates a real wood design with deep texture.

There are so many different design choices from the Deep Emboss range that it would be difficult for anyone not to find something to their taste. There are plenty of choices for those wanting something modern and luxurious, alongside those looking for a classic or vintage style.

Designs such as Oak, Random Aged Oak, Washed Oak, White Oak, and Chateau Oak make perfect choices for a classic design for your living room. Alaska, Black Ash, Aspen Oak, New England Oak, and Random Grey are ideal for a more modern and contemporary design.

Herringbone for a striking first impression

A kitchen space with Herringbone Ambiance tiles

The Herringbone range is the latest on offer from Ambiance. Using the best designs from other ranges, Ambiance has created smaller tiles for a parquet and herringbone design.

The Herringbone range is perfect for use in hallways, dining rooms, and lounges to create a striking and visually impressive flooring style. Each design comes with a matching border that provides a perfect finish for your flooring.

Choices, such as Arden Oak Herringbone, American Walnut Herringbone, Aspen Oak Herringbone, Cadiz Herringbone, and Washed Oak Herringbone are all designs to consider for creating a classic interior design.

For those wanting a contemporary and modern design for a living space, consider the Grey Oak Herringbone, Alaska Herringbone, Knowle Wood Herringbone, or White Oak Herringbone designs.

A refined texture for bathrooms

A natural design using the Stone and Granite Ambiance range

The next range of Ambiance is the Stone and Granite range featuring several natural-looking stone and granite textures. The Stone and Granite range provides a perfect choice for bathroom spaces for a modern design.

With plenty of choices available, you can pick a flooring style that matches your interior design needs. Granite colours such as Graphite Slate, Ravello Concrete, Milan Mocha, Erimi Granite, and Genoa Grey are all perfect choices for a modern bathroom space.

Unique and stylish Victoriana

A hallway with the Victoriana Ambiance flooring

The last range of Ambiance LVT is the Victoriana range, which perfectly recreates the original British Minton design for a classic and colourful flooring design. The Victoriana range is perfect for creating striking and appealing hallways that are sure to create a strong first impression.

The Victoriana range features one design available in 3 different colours: red, blue, and black. With different colours available the Victoriana flooring design won’t feel out of place in either a classic or contemporary design.

There are so many choices and options available with Ambiance. With such a wide variety, you can be sure to find a flooring style that meets your interior design needs. But with so many options, it can be difficult making your mind up. That’s why at E&M Services, we offer free quotations and samples. To find out more, get in touch today to see how we can help your next flooring project!