The Ambiance deep emboss flooring

At E&M Services, we offer the full range of Ambiance designer flooring. Ambiance luxury vinyl flooring comes in a wide range of highest-quality flooring options, making it an ideal choice for any space. If you desire an all-natural-looking flooring option at a fraction of the cost of natural products, choosing Ambiance vinyl tiles will help meet your flooring needs. Our vast experience and expertise in providing all kinds of flooring means we can fit your Ambiance flooring, too.

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Why you should consider Ambiance flooring

One of the top benefits of choosing Ambiance LVT flooring is the unique and versatile designs that can help make your house or business space look stunning. With outstanding aesthetics, Ambiance luxury vinyl can also match all fixtures and fittings. It’s also warm and comfy underfoot while also suitable for underfloor heating.

Not to be confused with click flooring, Ambiance is a dry-back tile fitted with glue, making the flooring stronger. If you are looking for a hard-wearing flooring option that doesn’t leave a hole in your budget, Ambiance vinyl floor tiles are ideal. Ambiance flooring is hard-wearing and durable. You don’t have to break the bank for it, either.

With its elegant finish, choosing Ambiance vinyl flooring can be an investment that provides good-looking and effective flooring for years to come. It’s safe for kids and pets and is waterproof for large and small spillages. With our long-standing experience delivering all kinds of flooring and hard work, E&M Services is the best choice to meet your flooring needs.

Many will look for all-natural flooring but are put off by the high price tag or the maintenance to keep the floor looking its best. Choosing Ambiance luxury vinyl tiles allows you to enjoy the look of all-natural flooring without the drawbacks of natural products.

How do Ambiance floor tiles provide all the benefits of a natural-looking floor? Reducing the material, fitting and maintenance costs means you can get high-quality designer flooring for a fraction of the price. Our team will also ensure the highest standards so you enjoy the long-lasting luxury flooring for years to come.

How Ambiance flooring is made

You may wonder how Ambiance vinyl flooring provides such a high-quality option at a low cost. Each flooring is 3mm thick and includes a 0.7mm PU-coated wear layer, a very high-quality design film, and compact backing. These three factors help Ambiance luxury vinyl to be a durable flooring choice.

Through modern printing and imaging techniques, this vinyl flooring recreates the appearance of all types of natural flooring options. The materials structuring means you get the added benefit of the Ambiance vinyl flooring option, which is more pliant and has better insulation, without the drawbacks of natural flooring.

The durable and high-quality nature of the tiles helps this flooring option to stay in good condition for long periods. The ease of maintaining the flooring also means it can last for years to come. No matter how big or small the room, our experienced team at E&M Services can custom-fit your choice of Ambiance flooring to meet your requirements for commercial and domestic spaces.

Styles offered by Ambiance flooring

Ambiance vinyl provides an extensive range of options, making it an ideal flooring choice to meet your needs, whether for home and domestic, retail, or business premises. With a choice of either plank or tile designs, the flooring is adhered to your subfloor, allowing it to be laid in many patterns.

A bonus of Ambiance vinyl flooring is that it can be cut and altered to your design preference. There’s no end to the styles that we can help you create! Here are the styles we offer as part of the Ambiance vinyl flooring range:

Tick Finish

The Tick Finish vinyl flooring aims to recreate the look of fine-grain wooden floors. The finer grain makes Tick Finish ideal for a subtle finish. Tick Finish comes in both Alder and Chestnut designs.

Stone and Granite

As the name suggests, the Stone and Granite vinyl flooring recreates the look and feel of stone and granite flooring but with a refined texture. Stone and Granite LVT comes in many designs, including Capri Rustic, Genoa Grey, Naples Stone, and Graphite Slate.

The Ambiance stone and granite design

Shale Finish

Shale Finish mimics the all-natural slate look and offers various colours and texture options. It comes in many colours Glacier, Grey Sandstone, Old English Limestone, Volcanic Slate, Honey Travertine, and many more.


The newest Ambiance vinyl design, the Herringbone design, takes some of the most popular engineered wood colours to create a design with smaller tiles for the parquet effect. Herringbone comes in many colours, including Oak, Seville, Alder, Washed Oak, and more.

The Ambiance herringbone pattern


Look no further if you want a high-quality flooring option that recreates the old, distressed wood style. Coming in a variety of light and dark tones, the Handscraped style is suited for any space. Comes in Arden Oak, Bayern Oak, Church Oak, and King Charles Oak.

Deep Emboss

With the most colour choices, Deep Emboss gives you the look of natural wood (without using real wood). The deep texture in each tile helps recreate the look of natural wood. Coming in many different colours, there will be something to fit your flooring needs, including Grey Oak, Forest, Random Grey, Washed Oak, American Walnut, and many more.

The Ambiance deep emboss flooring

Featured Strips

The Featured Strips are an ideal companion to your floor, helping to provide the finishing touches. The Featured Strips come in a range of colours to help them match the other Ambiance vinyl options. Colours include Oak, Copper, Black, Silver and Walnut.

Caring for your Ambiance flooring

Even though Ambiance flooring is durable, maintaining it can help your flooring choice last even longer. That way, you’re sure that whichever design you choose, you’ll continue to enjoy the fresh and enduring quality for years. Because the Ambiance vinyl flooring mimics the look of all-natural flooring, it won’t age in the same way.

To ensure your Ambiance LVT continues to look the best that it can, please keep in mind these few care tips:

  1. Clean with water and light detergent, and use a diluted cleaner and a damp sponge or cloth to wash.
  2. Remove debris and dirt by mopping and vacuuming.
  3. Don’t use a steam mop; avoid contact with dark rubber.
  4. Wipe up any spillages.
  5. Prevent fading by reducing exposure to constant direct sunlight.
  6. Use clear and odourless mineral spirits on stubborn stains and test any cleaning solutions on a hidden area first.
  7. Use firm nylon sponges on stains.

We’ve got your flooring needs covered

Here at E&M Services, we have a long-standing reputation as one of the Midland’s best flooring contractors. With our extensive experience and expertise, we can fit flooring no matter what your needs are. Our reliability and focus on good customer service and delivering projects on time and within a budget helps us meet your requirements.

All our team members have up-to-date DBS checks. Also, we are members of CHAS and Constructiononline. With our credentials, you can rest assured that we’ll provide a professional service. We aim to meet the highest levels of installation standards and quality control.

With over 30 years of experience, we can help you choose the most suitable and design-led installation. We also provide free samples, quotations, and advice to help you with any flooring requirements or needs.

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