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As well as the professional flooring services we offer here at E&M Services, we also have a team of painters and decorators who can help with your interior projects. No matter what your interior needs are, we have the experience to help transform your commercial space.

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Our painting and decorating services

Here at E&M Services, we are all about interiors. As well as the professional commercial flooring and subflooring solutions, suspended ceiling, and bespoke furniture solutions we offer, we also provide professional painting and decorating services.

No interiors should look dull or emotionless. Apart from giving the wrong impression of your business, it doesn’t help create the right environment either. No business wants to look cold and uninviting to both customers and employees.

That’s why we offer more than just ‘painting’. We’ll work to combine colours as well as offer different painting styles (other than just using an ordinary paint brush), such as rag rolling. That way, we can help to create a positive environment with character.

Our painting and decorating services include all aspects of interior surface finishing from preparation to adding the finishing touches. We also work on exterior surfaces too to help bring more character to your commercial environment.

We have an experienced team of painters and decorators who have gained a reputation for the quality and beautiful work they carry out across Coventry and the Midlands. Our extensive portfolio has covered work across a wide range of commercial settings.

From repainting school classrooms and other educational spaces to carrying out decorating services for a stunning medieval church. Or maybe a retail space that’s looking for a fresh lick of paint? We are well versed to meet your interior needs. We also have experience in carrying out decorating projects for local authorities too.

Only recently, we’ve carried out painting and decorating services for a children’s home here in Coventry. Adding finishing touches that help to transform a space can make all the difference:

Coventry children's home painting and decorating

Why choose E&M Services for your painting and decorating needs?

If you are looking for a contractor to carry out your next interior project, here are a few reasons why you should consider picking E&M Services.

Experience and expertise

Our experience and expertise mean that we can work in a range of different commercial spaces. Whether it’s creating a colourful and playful environment for primary schools and nurseries, or creating a professional office environment that helps boost productivity, we can add a ‘Wow’ factor to your interiors.

We have a range of clients who offer testimonials of our work. We’ll always stick to our promise too so you can be sure of our professional reputation. We’ll also provide a guarantee to all our clients for our workmanship.

DBS checks

There won’t be any worries about who works on your premises either. All our team here at E&M Services have up-to-date DBS checks in place, so our clients can have peace of mind working in school and college environments.

Our team are experienced at working in environments that are in use 24/7, whether it’s working in healthcare premises to install new flooring or schools fitting a new reception, we will work around your business operations to keep disruptions to a minimum.

Adding the finishing touches

We don’t just stop at painting or wallpapering either. To help transform your spaces and create a character, we can provide wall coverings. No matter what your design goals are, we can provide all sorts of wall coverings from major manufacturers and specialist designers. After all, the finishing touches make all the difference.

Competitive pricing

We offer extremely competitive pricing too. Sometimes, the cost can be a concern where budgets may be tight. With our competitive pricing and a long-standing reputation for achieving installations on time and budget, we can provide you with a quality interior design that will work to your requirements.

We’ll also be happy to provide free advice, samples, and quotations to help you create the right interior design. Combined with our value for money, all our projects are completed at a fixed price without any hidden charges thrown in after!

If you are looking for a contractor to carry out your next interior design project, E&M Services have got you covered. No matter what questions you have, we’ll be happy to assist you. We look forward to working on your next design project!

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