A busy working office with lots of employees and high traffic

Commercial environments, such as offices and schools, can be exposed to very high levels of foot traffic. High traffic will inevitably lead to wear and tear, causing some areas to look shabby and in need of some much-needed attention.

That’s why it’s important to choose the right flooring for these high-traffic commercial areas. But which flooring is most suited for these areas? We’ll explore the different options available.

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Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles displayed in a variety of different colours

Carpet tiles are an extremely popular flooring option in commercial environments. Unlike traditional broadloom carpet, which is fitted wall to wall, carpet tiles come pre-cut in small square tiles.

For that reason, carpet tiles are much easier to install and replace. In the event that a carpet tile becomes damaged or badly stained, you can just remove the damaged tile and replace it with a brand new one. No need to replace the entire floor! That’s why carpet tiles are a popular option for schools and offices.

But the biggest reason carpet tiles are popular in commercial spaces, such as schools, is because they are extremely durable. In fact, they are considered one of the best soft-surface flooring options for commercial spaces.

Carpet tiles have become so popular that people are starting to use them inside their homes as an alternative to broadloom carpets. Most carpet tiles will maintain their appearance with regular vacuuming to remove dirt or cleaning in the event of a spillage.

Carpet tiles are a sure option that will withstand the heavy demands of a high-traffic environment. Combined with the versatility in designs, carpet tiles are a standout choice!

Luxury vinyl tiles

Sheets of luxury vinyl tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) is another flooring option that is very popular in commercial settings. Already a widely used domestic flooring option, LVT is relatively new on the market compared to other options. All thanks to the great benefits LVT have to offer!

It looks like ordinary tile flooring, but it’s not. LVT is made from multiple layers that help add to the durability. Layers include a backing, stability layer, design layer, and a top layer for protection against wear and tear.

Adding to the durability of LVT are the water-resistant and scratch-resistant properties, making it a flooring option that also works well in office spaces. You won’t have to worry about LVT wearing, as they can still maintain their stylish design while withstanding the daily pressures of a busy flooring environment!

With the design added to a separate layer, there is a wide range of options available, meaning you can easily find a design that works well for your business. The higher-end options of LVT will provide greater protection, durability, and resilience.

While it may be more expensive compared to other vinyl flooring options, it should be a worthwhile investment that will last longer. It’s also easy to clean and maintain LVT as well, helping add to the appeal and durability.


A stack of laminate flooring tiles

For commercial areas that wish to add a touch of natural beauty, laminate flooring may be the ideal choice. Laminate flooring can mimic the design of any natural flooring, giving you the same stylish look without the drawbacks of the real materials.

Whether you fancy wood, stone, or tile, laminate flooring can provide you with the same stylish design. As with LVT, the design is added during manufacturing. So you have a wealth of design choices available when choosing laminate flooring.

Some have been put off from purchasing laminate flooring, fearing that the quality of the printed pattern may suffer. While that may be the case for cheaper options, the same could be said about the quality and durability of the laminate tiles.

Quality laminate flooring can be a durable flooring option, making it another great choice for high-traffic commercial spaces.  The only downside is once the top layer has worn, the laminate tiles will need to replace. Unlike wood, the flooring cannot be sanded down to help maintain the stylish design.

But don’t let that deter you. A quality laminate flooring will provide a great performance against heavy footfall and hold up against stains. It may be worth checking how resistant laminate tiles are against sunlight though, as some can fade with prolonged exposure.


Orange flooring tiles

Tiles are another quality flooring for high-footfall commercial spaces. The biggest advantage of tile flooring is its water-resistant properties. Tiles have become extremely popular in commercial spaces with kitchens and bathrooms.

Whether it’s the tiles found in the kitchen of a restaurant or the bathroom in an office block, tiles are one of the go-to choices. Other than routine cleaning, tiles don’t require much in the way of maintenance either.

While tiles can be made from both porcelain and ceramic, porcelain tile flooring is much denser compared to other flooring options. This helps with their resistance to any wear and tear a floor might receive from heavy footfall.

Providing the tiles have been installed correctly and maintained properly, the tiles you choose for your high-traffic commercial areas will continue to last. Combined with great durability, easiness to clean and maintain, and the cost-effective nature, you’ll be onto a winner with tile flooring.


Sports hall, with a football and net on a rubber floor

One flooring option to consider for high-traffic commercial spaces is rubber. Widely seen in healthcare premises, such as hospitals, and gyms, rubber flooring is a safe and durable flooring that can withstand the heavy pressures and loads experienced in these commercial environments.

Rubber flooring is resistant to the wear and tear expected from a high traffic and busy commercial environment. Rubber flooring also has soundproofing abilities that help reduce the noise of equipment dropped on or wheeled across the floor.

While rubber flooring is extremely durable and hard-wearing, it does come with a couple of downfalls. Firstly, rubber flooring can leave a lingering rubber smell that remains after installation. While it doesn’t last forever, it can be a detracting factor for some.

There are also limited design options compared to other flooring options, making the only standout of rubber flooring the useability features, such as durability and soundproofing. Don’t be quick to dismiss it for environments with very heavy daily usage though, as it is a worthwhile option.

There are so many great quality flooring options available that are suited for high-traffic commercial areas. With so many options, you’ll be sure to find a suitable flooring option that fits both your business needs and high traffic.

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