St Michaels Community Centre Refurbishment Coventry

One of the latest projects here at E&M Service has been our renovation of the Stoke St. Michaels Community Centre in Coventry. Not only have we worked on providing a range of flooring services, but we’ve been busy with other aspects of the refurb too, including our interior decorating services.


We’ve always been a flooring contractor at heart, and our latest community centre refurb made no exception. We worked on providing a range of flooring services for the new refurb, including supplying and installing new flooring, while treating some existing floors too.

We worked on the supply and installation of new vinyl and carpet tile flooring in some areas. For the entrance hallways, we installed vinyl flooring for its durable and easy-to-maintain qualities. This was especially important close to doorways where lots of dirt can be easily carried inside.

For the communal hall area, we worked on supplying and installing carpet tiles. As well as providing an easy-to-maintain floor, carpet tiles are also extremely durable. With the benefits of carpet tiles, it makes it ideal for an area that will experience lots of footfall and moving of furniture.

Flooring installation of vinyl tiles & carpet tiles for St Michaels Community Centre Coventry

Alongside the supply and installation of new floors, we also worked on treating some existing floors. The existing parquet flooring in one of the community centre halls was sanded down and refinished. When parquet floors experience a build-up of dirt, they can look uncared for. By sanding and refinishing the floor, we were able to restore a bright and shiny finish that looks as good as new.

During:                                                                   After:

Parquet floor refurbishment for St Michaels Community Centre Coventry


No refurbishment is complete without complete recordation throughout, and that’s something else we worked on in our Coventry community centre project. We made extensive use of our professional painting and decorating services, including in the hall areas and entranceways.

At E&M Services, we offer professional painting and decorating services for all aspects of interior and exterior design. Our painting and decorating services include full surface preparation and finishing.

Our specialist team of experienced decorators have a reputation for carrying out beautiful work across Coventry and Warwickshire. No matter the space, our team can help transform and bring more character to any environment.


As a one-stop solution for all interior needs, we also offer electrical alterations and installations. We’ve previously worked on installing a range of electrical installations, from automatic doors to refrigerated units for cafes, shops, and restaurants.

Our Coventry community centre refurb also made extensive use of our electrical services throughout. We worked extensively on complete electrical rewiring throughout the building. Our professional electricians are fully qualified and comply with all IET wiring regulations.

Alongside a complete rewiring, we also worked on the supply and installation of other electrical items too. We fitted new electrical heaters and energy-efficient LED lighting inside, alongside new external security lighting.

Suspended ceiling

Our refurbishment of the Coventry community centre also included the installation of a brand-new suspended ceiling, with light fittings. Suspended ceilings are a popular choice for many commercial spaces due to their many benefits, including improving the aesthetics of a space.

Suspended ceiling installation for St Michaels Community Centre Coventry

Fixtures and fittings

Fixtures and fittings were another element that we worked on for the community centre refurb. At E&M Services, we offer the design and installation of bespoke furniture as well as the supply of mainstream seating.

For the community centre, we supplied brand new seating, including a range of Earlswood classic seating and Tide durable stacking chairs. You can browse the range of our seating products in our catalogue.

Fixtures and fitting supplies for St Michaels Community Centre Coventry

Alongside the supply of new seating for the community centre, we provided bespoke furniture solutions. Specifically, we worked on the design, manufacture, and installation of new serving counters with fire shutters:

Bespoke serving counter with fire shutter for St Michaels Community Centre Coventry

Take a look at our project video, showcasing the work we carried out for the Coventry community centre refurb:

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