Coventry Flooring Company

E and M Services are one of the longest established commercial flooring companies in Coventry and Warwickshire. We have been trading since 1988 and have a long tradition of providing business flooring, hospital flooring and school flooring solutions in Coventry and Warwickshire, as well as the wider West Midlands.

E and M Services have been carrying out flooring installations in Coventry and the West Midlands for over 30 years which means we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in tackling the most difficult of installations. We have fitted millions of carpet tiles in offices, schools and police stations across Coventry, Birmingham and Warwickshire. We have installed thousands of rolls of commercial vinyl in hospitals, schools, corridors and stairways across England. We have installed hundreds upon hundreds of stair nosings making them safe underfoot. Flooring is the core of our business and we are proud to say we excel at it.

Flooring is not just about the finished flooring product that you put on the floor, whether that be carpet tiles, vinyl or LVT flooring. For a good quality finish it is essential that you have the correct subfloor preparation. This is where many companies go wrong. If you don’t have a sound, dry and smooth subfloor the finished job doesn’t look great. We spend time getting the subfloor right and this gives you a supreme quality finished look.

Our team of flooring fitters are experts in subfloor preparation. We carry out a range of subfloor preparations including uplifting and disposing of existing flooring and, where necessary, subfloors. We have specialised kit to assist us in removing even the most well stuck carpets. Another subfloor problem which can be quite common in older buildings is damp. We have damp readers to measure damp issues and to locate problem areas. Then we have specialised products for dealing with damp subfloors. We have DPM systems, lay-on membranes and smoothing compounds with built in damp resistance. If you have damp it leads to smells and flooring decay. It can also cause health issues and aggravate issues such as asthma. We have damp proofing systems to solve damp issues in your subfloors. E and M Services are experts in subfloor issues such as damp.

Another regular subfloor issue we face that is prominent across Coventry and Warwickshire is asbestos. Only specialist contractors can uplift asbestos flooring. Many floors have asbestos containing plastic tiles. They are often under new flooring such as carpet tiles or vinyl as they have been overlaid with new flooring. As long as they are solid and undisturbed they are not too much of an issue. You can continue to manage them through your existing asbestos management plan. However, sometimes they need to come up. If vinyl has been stuck to asbestos tiles, your asbestos register should tell you it is there, then there is a good chance that you are about to need to remove asbestos.

Asbestos in subfloors is a minefield and can cause organisations a lot of concern, and rightly so. It is important that you have competent flooring contractors who are experienced in these issues. E and M Services can help you to solve the issue so you can have your flooring replaced legally. We are used to reading asbestos registers, identifying asbestos containing products and knowing how to deal with the issues that arise.

Schools, colleges and older buildings often have PVC floor tiles that contain asbestos, so if you know they are there you need to proceed carefully. We have specialist knowledge in dealing with asbestos vinyl tiles if these are within your building. Asbestos has to be treated carefully and is governed by strict regulations. Failure to handle asbestos subfloors can lead to fines from the HSE. We can help you to decide the best way to deal with them and have links with specialist asbestos contractors who can arrange to remove them for you if necessary. If you are unsure whether you have an asbestos finish, we can organise the necessary tests for you. We offer the complete flooring service.

Some floors are timber. This is often the case in older buildings. A timber subfloor does not stop you having vinyl fitted, it just means some extra prep work is needed. We have skilled fitters who can overlay timber floors with flooring grade plywood and we also have specialist timber smoothing compounds. If you need assistance with your subfloor we are certainly Coventry’s first choice contractor for this. E and M Services are experts at rectifying subfloor problems. Whether you have a concrete or timber subfloor we can repair and resurface them. Once your subfloor has been repaired we can assist with the installation of your new flooring.

E and M Services are Coventry’s leading flooring contractor and supplier. We have links with all the major flooring brands including Heuga, Interface, Burmatex, Tarkett, Karndean and many others. We can supply and install whatever flooring you choose, and we can repair your subfloors to ensure a fully guaranteed installation. We offer expert advice on the best products for you and can help you with the design of your new flooring. Carpet tiles are a versatile option. There are some amazing tile combinations and a huge choice of colours to help your work environment look fantastic. We also offer specialist products too. If you need a commercial kitchen floor, a wetroom floor or dementia friendly flooring we can help with this. There is a large choice of flooring out there but not all companies understand what is best for your unique environment and situation. We are experts at this. We have a vast library of samples and huge knowledge about all of our products.

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