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Here at E&M Services, we offer a wide range of domestic flooring options that can help you make the most of your home space. From flooring preparation to finish touches, with our vast experience and expertise, you can be sure the flooring we supply and install will achieve your expectations. Here’s a guide to the domestic flooring options we offer at E&M Services:

Flooring preparation

Subfloor preparation

A good flooring installation begins with floor preparation. Preparing a subfloor also helps to improve the longevity and stylish looks of your chosen flooring. There can be extensive preparation required depending on the condition of the subfloor.

Fortunately, at E&M Services, we are well versed and experienced in solving your subfloor issues thanks to decades of experience and product expertise. Neglecting your subfloor could only bring more expense to rectify later down the line.

We use a range of different smoothing compound solutions to make sure our flooring installations are of the highest-quality. No matter what issues your subfloor has, we’ll use our experience and specialist manufactured products to overcome them.

Carpets and carpet tiles

Different coloured carpet samples

Carpets have been a popular flooring option in homes for many years, helping to transform a living space by providing comfort alongside creating beautiful and stylish designs. With so many colours and patterns, carpets can provide a durable flooring choice.

Carpet tiles are now also becoming an increasingly popular flooring choice for transforming your living spaces. Already popular within commercial spaces, carpet tiles can provide much more versatility and durability. As a result, many people are now ditching carpets for carpet tiles.

Both carpet and carpet tiles are excellent versatile flooring choices that can really help make a house a home. But with so many design choices, it can be difficult choosing the perfect option for your needs. Don’t fear as we’ve got it covered.

Our design experience means we can help you choose a style that brings together the colours, texture, and patterns to complement your planned design wishes or existing décor. No matter what your preference, we’ll use our experience and expertise to help make it happen.

Vinyl flooring

Rolls of different vinyl flooring designs

Another popular home flooring, vinyl floors offer an affordable and easy installation choice for your home. Their versatility and designs help make them look as good as any other flooring choice. If you’re looking for a good looking floor on a budget, vinyl flooring is ideally suited.

With so many designs and colour choices, durability, and ease of maintenance, vinyl flooring helps create fabulously designed spaces. Subfloor preparation is something vital to quality vinyl flooring installations too, which is something we can help you with.

We supply and install vinyl floors from many manufacturers too, including Tarkett and Polyflor. No matter what your preference, we can assist you in choosing the most suitable vinyl flooring for your needs.

Entrance barrier flooring

A hallway with entrance barrier flooring

Entrance floors are designed to withstand the dirt and moisture brought in from outside, helping to extend the appeal and appearance of your carpets and floors for longer. Trapping the dirt and moisture brought in from outside helps to prevent spoiling your interior floors.

As well as improving safety by reducing slip hazards, entrance flooring can enhance the aesthetics of your exterior doorway spaces. While entrance flooring is most widely seen in commercial spaces, entrance barrier and matting are becoming more widespread inside homes too.

Used as a substitute for doormats, entrance barrier flooring can help create a much more stylish and warming environment. As well as being easy to maintain and clean, it can help create a favourable first impression of your home.

We offer a range of entrance flooring at E&M Services that will allow you to combine both practicality with style when picking a choice for your hallway.

Designer flooring

A room with designer flooring

Designer flooring provides all the perks you’d come to expect from a vinyl floor, such as easiness to clean, as well as combining luxury designs and quality flooring. The best thing about designer flooring though is that you can have an all-natural looking flooring for a fraction of the cost.

We offer the full range of Ambiance luxury vinyl flooring, giving you plenty of choices in style, pattern, and design. Whether you’d prefer a herringbone pattern or a lifelike recreation of natural flooring, Ambiance flooring can meet your design needs.

We have a vast experience with designer flooring, such as luxury vinyl, at E&M Services and can help you to supply and install the latest quality design flooring.

Specialist safety flooring

A bathroom with safety flooring

Safety is absolutely essential with all kinds of flooring, as well during installation, to prevent trip and slip hazards. Safety flooring is ideal for areas that are likely to see frequent spillages, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Most safety flooring comes with a non-slip coating and is hard-wearing to protect against any damage. Some safety floorings also come with anti-bacterial properties and are very easy to clean.

Here at E&M Services, we have a wide range of different safety flooring designs and colours that can be incorporated into any space. If you choose to go with safety, you won’t be neglecting appearance either with our choice of safety flooring.

Stair nosing and edgings

A staircase with stair nosings

No floor would be complete without the finishing touches and that’s where stair nosing and edgings come in.

Stair nosings are fitted onto the edge of stairs, helping provide anti-slip properties and a clear indication of stair edges to help visually impaired people.

Floor edgings and trims help create a more uniform and complete look to your flooring installation. Threshold bars are used for creating a uniform look between two different flooring types while scotias help add some decorative features to your flooring perimeter.

We can supply and install stair nosing and edgings according to your flooring choice, needs, and budget.

If you are looking to carry out your next flooring project, E&M Services have got you covered. With more than 30 years’ experience, we will work hard to surpass your needs and expectations. With professional accreditation from Constructionline as well, you can be sure of a professional service. We also offer free samples, advice, and quotes too!

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