At E&M Services, we proudly offer Burmatex carpet tiles as part of our commercial and domestic flooring services. Burmatex is a leading brand of carpet tile flooring that provides excellent benefits and a variety of design choices.

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What is Burmatex?

Burmatex is a leading carpet tile manufacturer and designer of carpet tile flooring. Focusing on designing and creating innovative flooring products, Burmatex carpet tiles are ideal for both commercial premises, such as offices and schools, or in your home.

What sets Burmatex apart from other carpet tiles manufacturers is its commitment to an eco-friendly culture. All their products are designed and manufactured from their Yorkshire factory, which allows for a high environmental rating across all its carpet tile ranges.

Burmatex carpet tiles are also manufactured entirely using renewable electricity. 60% of the materials used in their products is also recycled material. The unique AccummenTM backing to the tiles is also made using 75% content from reclaimed, locally sourced suppliers.

Why consider Burmatex carpet tiles?

Whether you’re looking for new home flooring or transforming your commercial environment, there are many great reasons to choose Burmatex flooring. Here are just some of the reasons why Burmatex is the right flooring choice for you:

  • Variety of design choices, including carpet tiles and planks.
  • Burmatex holds the highest environmental ratings, such as BREEAM and VOC.
  • Commitment to an environmentally friendly culture and ethos.
  • Provides many better-insulating properties compared to other carpet tile brands.
  • Carpet tiles are a flooring trend taking hold right now.
  • Manufacturer guarantee of 10 years.
  • Compact shape and size allow for much easier transportation and installation.

Burmatex carpet tiles range

Multilevel Loop

The multilevel loop range of Burmatex carpet tiles is made using running rows of loop pile and cut pile. The loop piles are given slightly varying height differences to create a visually appealing multi-dimensional look.

The multilevel loop is ideal for commercial and contract office environments. Available in a selection of colours and styles, you can transform office spaces to create more productive and appealing workspaces. All tile sizes in this range are 50cm x 50cm.

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Multiple styles are available in the multilevel loop range, with each style offering distinct patterns:


Firstly, the Arctic range uses natural artic designs to create a varied colour palette. From ice blues to cool greys, the Artic range provides a stylish and modern choice. All tiles in the Artic range come in a 7.00mm thickness.


Vibe is the next choice in the multilevel loop range and uses a torn netted structure mixed with areas of a strong pattern breaking away into plain sections. All tiles in the Vibe range come in a 7.5mm thickness.


Dapple uses inspiration from nature to create a stylish design. Just as light would dip in and out in a forest, so too does the pattern in the Dabble range. The different colours available are taken from outdoor environments. All tiles come in a 7.0mm thickness.

Balance Grid

The Balance Grid range takes design inspiration from architecture, using the strong lines seen in skyrise buildings. Using such design features allows for a contemporary yet classic look to the carpet design. Available in a 7.00mm thickness.

Balance Grade

Another range takes inspiration from architecture; the Balance Grade range takes inspiration from Lake Michigan and the fresh dew mornings. The result is a design that is both soft and subtle to create a calming effect. Available in a 7.0mm thickness.

Balance Ground

The Balance Ground continues with the architecture theme, taking its design inspiration from the sidewalks of Chicago. The softer colours used in the tiles, however, help to make a space look more spacious. Available in a 7.00mm thickness.


The Osaka range has its roots tied down to the traditional vibrancy of Japan. While a map of Osaka inspired the design of Osaka tiles, the design is somewhat reminiscent of origami. Available in a 7.5mm thickness.


The next range of Burmatex carpet tiles perfectly captures the look of an outdoor surface as the first few drops of rain start to fall. To accomplish this effect, the design uses tone changes throughout of varying proportions. Available in a thickness of 7.5mm.

Carpet Planks

Burmatex also offers a range of carpet plank flooring, with several ranges offering unique designs and styles. While designed with commercial spaces in mind, the carpet planks range still looks great in domestic properties. All tile sizes come in a 100cm x 25cm size.


Another range taking inspiration from the cool natural landscapes, the Artic range uses a palette of colours you’ll find in an arctic landscape. The Artic range is the only carpet planks range also available in carpet tiles.  Made with a total thickness of 7.00mm.


Tivoli is the next Burmatex carpet plank flooring. Adapted from the original Tivoli range, a wide selection of 26 colour choices allows you to find a colour that matches your interior design needs or business branding. Made with a total thickness of 6.5mm.

Tivoli Mist

Similar to the Tivoli range, the Tivoli Mist range is designed to work seamlessly with the Tivoli Mist loop pile range. Two colours create a perfectly seamless pattern to imitate the look of mist drifting through the air. Made with a total thickness of 6.5mm.

Loop Pile

Loop pile carpet uses a manufacturing process that loops the material instead of cut pile carpet, which uses a smooth finish. By using a loop pile, carpet tiles have a textured look. There are three loop pile Burmatex ranges available:

Go To

Go To is the main loop pile range from Burmatex. Available in 16 plain and 4 stripe patterns, the Go To range is an attractive, practical, and flexible flooring option. Go To is also renowned for its high-performance quality. Available in a total thickness of 5.5mm.

Tivoli and Tivoli Mist are also available in the loop pile range.

Structure Bonded

The structure bonded manufacturing process is exclusive to Burmatex carpet tiles and provides a hardwearing commercial flooring option. Using ground-breaking manufacturing techniques and technology allow for a unique structure and hardwearing flooring.


The first structure bonded range from Burmatex is the Lateral range. Using innovative designs, the Lateral range provides the ideal flooring choice for public sector buildings. The range comes with a choice of 18 colours. The range has a total thickness of 7.8mm.


Another hardwearing carpet option, the Code range also uses the structure bonded manufacturing process. The Code range comes with 18 choices of contrasting colour stripes and textures to create a defined look for any space. The range has a thickness of 8.0mm.

Cut Pile

Burmatex also offers cut pile flooring for those wanting a more traditional carpet design. Still offering great durability, cut pile carpeting can feel soft underfoot and still look luxurious despite its simplicity.


Origin is the only cut pile range available from Burmatex. Coming in a choice of 10 different colour palettes, the Origin range provides a sophisticated choice for any commercial office or home. Coastal walks and views inspire the Origin range and come with a thickness of 9.5mm

With such a wide range of Burmatex carpet tile choices, there’s surely something for everyone. Whether you are looking for commercial or domestic, Burmatex carpet tiles are not to be ignored. For those eco-friendly-conscious businesses or homeowners, Burmatex also makes a perfect choice too!

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