A living room space with luxury vinyl tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are a popular flooring option used in many businesses and homes. Providing a wealth of benefits, LVT has become a highly regarded flooring choice by many. Both durable and versatile, LVT flooring is an ideal choice that can suit a wide range of interior design needs.

They can be installed in a variety of ways to create stunning, high-end flooring designs. Suitable for all types of rooms, they are an excellent choice for both your home and workplace. If you are thinking of changing your flooring, now is a good time to consider LVT.

We’ve picked out 7 fantastic benefits of LVT so you can see how great this flooring is!

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What are luxury vinyl tiles?

Bedroom with luxury vinyl tiles with wood pattern

Luxury vinyl tiles are a synthetic flooring choice made from different plastic-like materials. The main components of LVT are vinyl, a high molecular weight solvent, trace stabilisers, and pigments. LVT comes in individual tiles or planks, which are made from several different layers.

The layers most widely found in LVT include:

  • An underlay layer is used for backing
  • A rigid core layer that provides stability and resistance
  • A print layer with a high-quality and realistic design print
  • A top wear layer to help the tiles withstand everyday wear and tear

The layers will differ depending on the make of LVT, like Karndean LVT which includes an additional protective layer for extra protection and cleanliness. Originally developed as a more robust alternative to vinyl, the core layer has different thicknesses to suit different demands and needs.

LVT is a flooring choice that you can find in a wide range of commercial premises, such as restaurants and offices, alongside residential houses. But why is LVT currently at an all-time high in popularity? These 7 wonders (or benefits) will help you understand why!

The 7 wonders of luxury vinyl tiles

1.      Easy to clean and maintain

A person cleaning a LVT floor

One of the most significant benefits of choosing luxury vinyl tiles is the ease of cleaning and maintaining them. LVT is one of the most low-keep flooring options available on the market to keep in good shape and condition.

All that is required to look after your LVT flooring is regular vacuuming to remove any dirt and debris that can cause damage, alongside regular mopping. Unlike other flooring choices, such as natural wood, no sealing or polishing is required.

There is no need to use expensive cleaning tools (such as a steam mop). They should be avoided as these can cause permanent damage. A damp mop will be more than enough to clean and wipe up spillages. The wonder of LVT is the simplicity of cleaning it!

2.      Durability

Workers meditating on a luxury vinyl tile floor

Alongside the ease of maintenance, LVT is a widely popular flooring due to its durability properties and long lifespan. LVT is widely renowned for its strength and durability. Whether used in residential or commercial spaces, luxury vinyl can withstand the excessive pressure placed on the floor.

The combination of a rigid core layer and the top protective layers helps to minimise the risk of scuffs, scratches, and stains. Typically, the thicker the core layer (which is the thickness of the tile), the stronger the luxury vinyl tiles.

Due to the structural manufacturing and materials, LVT can prove a worthwhile investment that can last for a considerable number of years. With proper upkeep, LVT can last over 20 years. The strength makes it ideal for households with busy families or offices with high footfall.

3.      Cost

A piggy bank next to piles of coins

Another wonder of LVT is the cost. Compared to some other flooring options on the market, LVT is an affordable flooring choice for the benefits it offers. They arguably even increase the value of your property due to how desirable they are!

The price will differ drastically depending on the quality of the LVT you go for. Choosing a reputable manufacturer will ensure a good quality product and professional installation is advised. As with all things flooring, your surface is only as good as your subfloor.

Ensure to get the floor prepared properly first with cracks filled and the floor levelled. Paying that little bit extra for a more expensive choice can provide a much longer-lasting investment. When it comes to flooring, you do get what you pay for!

4.      Waterproof

A bathroom space with luxury vinyl tiles

Another great benefit of LVT is the waterproofing ability it provides. LVT is waterproof making it a safe choice to install in kitchens, bathrooms, or restaurants. Thanks to the protective layers, you won’t need to worry about water damaging the tiles.

However, wiping up any spillages as quickly as possible is best. LVT planks may be waterproof but it’s not indestructible and water can leak through the tiny gaps between the tiles. LVT is also slip-resistant which makes it an ideal choice for high-moisture rooms.

Unlike natural wood, LVT won’t damage, warp or stain when exposed to moisture. For the best quality, LVT should not be installed on a damp or moist subfloor. Hiring a professional flooring contractor will eliminate any subfloor problems for a high-quality flooring installation.

5.      Authentic Natural Designs

A room showcasing the authentic design of LVT

The design of LVT is another reason why this flooring choice is popular. The designs of vinyl tiles are printed using a high-quality reproduction print of natural-looking flooring. For that reason, LVT provides authentic natural designs without the associated drawbacks of its design counterpart.

Natural wood, stone, granite, and slate are all designs that are perfectly imitated. You get the real feeling of the natural flooring, but with much greater design flexibility. The pattern, colour, and layout can all be tailored to your interior design needs.

Compared to natural flooring, LVT is also a better choice for pets too. You won’t need to worry about paws damaging or denting your floor. As it is also a comfortable material, LVT truly is a family-friendly flooring choice! LVT is also compatible with underfloor heating, unlike natural flooring.

6.      Versatility

Restaurant with luxury vinyl flooring

Where can you install LVT? Pretty much anywhere! That’s another great benefit of choosing LVT – Its versatility. Thanks to the waterproofing, easiness to clean, and great aesthetic design choices, LVT can look great and work well almost anywhere.

LVT also comes in a wide variety of shapes and designs. As the design layer is printed on, there is the flexibility to use a broad spectrum of designs. From different styles and colours of wood and stone to more creative Minton designs, you can find a design to suit your interior needs.

You can also get creative in how LVT is laid on the floor. You can make a space your own with different arrangements such as herringbone, chevron, staggered, diagonal, and half-bond. There’s no end to creativity for styling an interior space with luxury vinyl.

We fit LVT in so many different places, from lounges and halls to department stores and cafes. The great thing about LVT is its ability to enhance and improve almost any area. We have installed some stunning floors in homes which have made such a fantastic impact. We also fit them into healthcare environments, including dentist practices, as well as into restaurants, houses and flats.

7.      Soundproofing

Busy office environment with luxury vinyl flooring

The soundproofing properties of some LVT products can also make it a good choice for reducing noise. LVT is both quieter to walk on and can help reduce noise compared to wood floors for example.

In busy workplace environments, the soundproofing abilities of LVT can be a blessing for boosting employee productivity. Some LVT brands include a backing designed for insulating sound and can reduce noise levels by up to 18 dB.

Research has found that the noisier a working environment, the less productive people become and the greater risk of making errors. Not only will a high-quality LVT design benefit your business’s image, but it will also work well for your employees too!

With so many great benefits LVT has to offer, it’s little wonder why it has become such a popular flooring. Whether you are looking for domestic or commercial flooring, LVT is not a choice to be missed!

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