A home living space with luxury vinyl tiles flooring

Many people choose luxury vinyl tiles in homes due to their amazing benefits. But if you’ve never had luxury vinyl and are considering a new flooring option, you may have a question or two. We’ve got all the answers to your luxury vinyl tiles in homes questions.

Introducing luxury vinyl tiles

A living room with luxury vinyl tiles

What are luxury vinyl tiles?

Luxury vinyl tiles are a type of synthetic flooring that is made using several layers. Each layer contributes towards the durable properties of LVT, including:

  • An underlay layer for backing.
  • A rigid core layer for stability.
  • A design layer for high-quality, realistic, natural designs.
  • A top protective layer to protect against scuffs and scratches.

What is the importance of luxury vinyl tiles?

Due to their great benefits, luxury vinyl tiles are among the leading flooring choices. Many people look for a natural home flooring design but don’t want the high maintenance and upkeep of a real wood or stone floor. Luxury vinyl tiles provide a lower cost, easier-to-maintain and more durable alternative.

Why do we use luxury vinyl tiles?

There are many reasons why people use luxury vinyl tiles in their homes. Aside from the high-quality natural flooring design, you also benefit from:

  • A cheaper price than natural counterparts.
  • Durable and much stronger than wood flooring.
  • Greater design flexibility and options available.
  • Provides warmth and is soft to walk on underfoot.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

What are the pros and cons of luxury vinyl tiles?

The pros of luxury vinyl tiles include the following:

  • Durable.
  • Versatile.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Water resistance.
  • Low maintenance.

The cons of luxury vinyl tiles include:

  • More expensive than vinyl flooring.
  • Direct sunlight can cause discolouration.
  • Difficult to remove if an adhesive is used.

Choosing luxury vinyl tiles

A selection of luxury vinyl tiles flooring samples

What’s the best flooring option that looks like wood?

Natural flooring designs are a popular choice for home flooring. However, opting for a natural floor, like wood, requires regular maintenance. Alternative flooring options provide a realistic natural design without the upkeep.

Two popular options for wood flooring designs are vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl tiles. Both flooring choices come in a range of realistic natural wood designs. While similar, both floors have different manufacturing processes. LVT has a longer lifespan but can cost more than vinyl.

Does LVT flooring look cheap?

No, luxury vinyl tile flooring does not look cheap. LVT is a luxury flooring option that provides high-quality and realistic design options. Opting for LVT as your home flooring choice can enhance the look and comfort of your home.

How to choose luxury vinyl flooring?

Choosing the best LVT for your home can be difficult with the many different brands and design options. However, considering these options based on your needs can help with the decision:

  • Thickness of the core and protective layer (thicker is typically better).
  • Design, whether you want a wood, stone, or granite design.
  • Where the flooring will be installed, such as the bathroom, living room, etc.
  • Installation method, either click-lock or glue down.

What is the highest quality luxury vinyl tile flooring?

There are many luxury vinyl tile flooring brands, making it difficult to choose. Some of the highest-quality options include Ambiance, Amtico, and Karndean.

What is the Click Lock Technology in LVT flooring?

Click-lock is one method of installing luxury vinyl tiles. This uses a lock system, so each tile clicks together, creating an interlocking floor covering. As a result, there is no need for adhesive or glue to hold down the floor.

Is 4mm vinyl flooring good?

Typically, the thicker the vinyl flooring, the more durable it is. Therefore, a 4mm vinyl flooring thickness is a good choice for durability. However, most residential homes shouldn’t require a 4mm thickness, as this is more for commercial spaces that experience heavier foot traffic.

Is luxury vinyl flooring durable?

One of the biggest advantages of luxury vinyl flooring in homes is its durability. Unlike wood flooring, luxury vinyl provides a longer-lasting and tougher alternative. Investing in durable luxury vinyl flooring can last up to 30 years.

Is luxury vinyl tile flooring forgiving on uneven surfaces?

No, uneven surfaces are one of the most common subfloor problems that can affect the quality of a floor installation. A subfloor is the foundation of any flooring. As a result, any subfloor problems will show through sooner or later, and will require levelling before installing LVT.

Luxury vinyl tiles around the home

A modern bathroom with tile designed LVT

Are luxury vinyl tiles suitable for all rooms in the house?

Yes, luxury vinyl tiles are ideal flooring for use throughout the house. Their durable and waterproof properties make them suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. Also, they’re soft to walk on compared to other hard floors and have greater soundproofing properties, making them ideal for bedrooms.

Is luxury vinyl tile a good choice for a basement floor?

One of the biggest problems affecting basement flooring is damp conditions. Basements are prone to dampness, meaning your choice of flooring is crucial. However, luxury vinyl can be a good choice in the basement, thanks to its waterproofing properties.

Is waterproof vinyl flooring suitable for all rooms in a home?

Waterproof vinyl flooring is suitable for all home rooms. In addition to moisture resistance, the material is sturdy yet soft underfoot, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and utility rooms.

Can LVT (luxury vinyl tiles) be installed over linoleum?

Yes, you can install luxury vinyl tiles over linoleum. However, the linoleum flooring must be in good condition and not show any signs of wear. Also, the subfloor quality can affect the LVT installation. For the best flooring installation, it is recommended that the linoleum be removed first.

Can you replace a ceramic floor with luxury vinyl?

Yes, it is possible to replace an existing ceramic flooring with LVT. However, the subfloor quality will significantly affect the vinyl flooring installation. Subfloor issues, such as uneven surfaces, can damage your flooring installation. Care should be taken when removing an existing floor.

What’s the best type of flooring to put in a utility room?

Utility rooms require flooring that is moisture resistant due to the frequent moisture and dampness to which they are exposed. Vinyl flooring is an ideal choice for this purpose. It is not only water-resistant but also durable.

Is luxury vinyl tile flooring good for bathrooms?

Yes, luxury vinyl tile flooring is a good choice for bathrooms. Many stone and granite options offer a natural design without the associated drawbacks. LVT’s durability and water-resistant properties make it a good choice for bathroom flooring.

Cleaning and maintaining luxury vinyl tiles

A person using a mop for cleaning luxury vinyl tiles

How to clean luxury vinyl tile flooring?

Cleaning luxury vinyl flooring is much easier than other flooring options. To keep your floor looking in top condition, all that is necessary is regular vacuuming and mopping.

Use a hard floor attachment on a vacuum cleaner to avoid making scratches. Also, use a damp soft mop or microfibre cleaner. Avoid using excessive water to prevent damage. Avoid using abrasive cleaners on an LVT to avoid damaging scratches.

How do you maintain luxury vinyl tiles?

One of the perks of choosing luxury vinyl tiles in homes is the ease of maintenance and cleaning. Regular vacuuming and cleaning with a damp mop or microfibre cloth is needed to keep your luxury vinyl floor looking as good as new. Also, avoid pulling and dragging furniture.

What happens if water gets under waterproof vinyl flooring?

If water gets underneath waterproof vinyl flooring, it can lead to warping and buckling. While vinyl flooring may be waterproof, if water remains trapped underneath it can create permanent damage if not dried out. Damp and mildew can also be a problem.

How do you repair scratches on luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring has a top protective layer that helps reduce the risk of scratches and damage. However, this doesn’t mean LVT is completely resistant to scratching. If that happens, it can stick out like a sore thumb.

Fortunately, you may be able to repair the scratch and make it look as good as new. Minor superficial scratches can be easily repaired using a suitable repair kit. Make sure it’s suitable for luxury vinyl. Deeper scratches, however, cannot be fixed. In this case, changing the tile is the only available possibility.

Remember that preventative measures are always better. Avoid using abrasive cleaners and dragging items along the floor.

How to clean discoloured vinyl flooring?

If vinyl flooring is discoloured due to excessive direct sunlight exposure, you can use a suitable vinyl floor polish to help restore some of its sheen. However, it is best to avoid excessive direct sunlight that causes fading in the first place.

How do you get stains off vinyl flooring?

Everyone will experience a floor stain at one time, whether it’s dropping a glass of wine or a pet incident. Time is of the essence with stains on vinyl flooring. The sooner you wipe up the source of the stain, the better.

If a stain appears on your vinyl flooring, it may be possible to remove it. While it may be tricky, the right method is everything. Use a mixture of warm water and an appropriate vinyl cleaning solution. Then, scrub the affected area using a damp, soft cloth. Dry the floor afterwards to avoid further damage.

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