A selection of different flooring, including carpet and vinyl

With 2023 well underway, it’s time to look at the flooring trends that are taking hold this year. Last year we noticed that colourful and creative flooring was taking preference, and it’s no different this year. People will continue to favour bright and colourful flooring designs to add character and value to their homes.

But that’s not all… Several other trends are emerging, with a variety of flooring types, styles, and colour schemes. Read on to find out more.

Here is our pick of 7 flooring trends taking hold in 2023.

1. Herringbone

A bedroom with herringbone pattern flooring

Our first pick of flooring trends taking hold in 2023 is the rise of herringbone patterns. Herringbone is one of the many parquetry designs where rectangles are placed at 90 degrees, so there is a slight overlap to create a zigzag design.

Patterned wood, including herringbone, was included in our flooring trends for 2022. Since then, the herringbone pattern has continued to grow in popularity and can be seen in a variety of domestic and commercial floorings during 2023.

Ambiance luxury vinyl has a whole range of luxury vinyl tiles dedicated to the herringbone pattern that certainly won’t look out of place in your home or business. Herringbone luxury vinyl is available in a range of colours, including Oak, Alder, and Seville.

2. Wood designs

A lounge space housing a piano with wood design vinyl flooring

Another trend taking hold in 2023 is natural effect flooring. Whether this be stone or wood, many people are opting for a more natural look to their floors.

Natural effect flooring not only looks stylish but also provides a range of other benefits. One of the biggest reasons to opt for this style of flooring design is its positive psychological effects. Bringing the outdoors indoors can provide some much needed relaxing and calming qualities.

Additionally, choosing natural flooring designs can also help boost productivity. This makes wood design luxury vinyl an excellent choice for commercial and home offices. Such flooring designs can also reduce stress levels, it’s no wonder this flooring trend is taking hold!

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3. Bright and colourful

A selection of carpets displaying a spectrum of colours

In contrast to the previous flooring trend, many people are opting for bright and colourful flooring choices in 2023. In addition to this, people are looking to insert more energy into their interior spaces by incorporating bold and busy patterns alongside bright colours.

While neutral flooring may still be popular, a growing number of people are swapping this for bold eye-catching designs. A significant factor in this trend is due to the rise in tiled floors and the many designs and styles that can be achieved with this.

Flooring choices can range from carpet, carpet tiles, and luxury vinyl tiles, all providing options for more creative flooring designs. With carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tiles, you can take it one step further and incorporate exciting laying patterns, including offset and block herringbone.

4. Geometric patterns

A hallway with flooring displaying the geometric flooring trend

Another flooring trend taking hold this year is geometric patterns. Whether it be in the kitchen, hallway, or bathroom, many people are choosing geometric flooring in a range of styles and colours to add a touch of sophistication to their homes.

With LVT flooring options, the design choices are endless. From contemporary patterns to classical Victorian, expect to see geometric patterns in homes across the UK this year!

5. Carpets

A toddler sitting on soft carpet barefoot

Carpets have always been a popular domestic flooring choice due to the benefits that this flooring offers. However, wool carpet, in particular, is something that is growing in popularity this year due to its soft and plush feel underfoot.

Wool carpets offer several benefits. Firstly, they provide a natural method of insulation, reducing draughts and helping keep your indoor spaces warmer.

Wool carpet is also a durable and robust option without compromising on quality. Wool can retain its natural appearance long after installation. It’s also resilient to everyday dirt as well.

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6. Classic checkerboard

A kitchen with flooring featuring the classic checkerboard design trend

Another popular flooring trend in 2023 is the use of a classic checkerboard design. As in 2022, this timeless flooring style continues to be popular as people return time and again to this classic design, which looks especially good in the bathroom or kitchen.

Whilst black and white is the traditional checkerboard colour scheme, it doesn’t have to be limited to this. Many people are opting for other colours to create visual interest and unique flooring designs, including blues, reds, greys, or soft pastel colour tones.

7. Wide plank flooring

Our last flooring trend for 2023 is the growing popularity of wide plank flooring. While people have previously favoured thin flooring tiles, many are now choosing wider plank flooring instead. With people looking for ways to add style, sophistication and value to their homes, it’s no surprise wide plank flooring is getting a look in.

One reason for this is that wide plank flooring can make a space look bigger and wider than it is. It can also help ‘open up’ a space and make it feel less cluttered. Using planks at least 7” wide provides the most benefit in ‘opening up’ an indoor space. Wide plank flooring can also provide a room with a certain elegance, evoking the hardwood floors of the late 1800s.

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