Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) have become a popular flooring option in recent years. With many great benefits, people opt for LVT to incorporate a trendy and stylish floor into their home or business. But the installation and preparation are just as important as your choice of LVT design. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide on why luxury vinyl tiles are an ideal flooring. We also cover choosing a professional flooring contractor for LVT fitting.

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Why should you choose luxury vinyl tiles?

LVT is a flooring option that has become popular in recent years for many reasons. The two primary reasons are durability and quality.

LVT is made with several individual layers that are extremely thin. Typically, LVT tiles will consist of a bottom backing layer, a rigid core layer, a print layer for the design, and a top protective layer. The top protective layer is typically scratch-resistant.

The thickness of the rigid core layer will determine the durability of the tile. The thicker the core layer, the more durable it is. The combination of these layers makes LVT an extremely durable flooring that can withstand high foot traffic and doesn’t easily scratch.

Secondly, LVT has become popular due to its quality and luxuriousness. LVT can perfectly imitate the designs of natural flooring, such as wood and stone. As a result, many people opt for LVT over natural flooring due to its cost-effectiveness and style.

While the design may be printed, high-quality brands like Ambiance and Karndean offer a super realistic design print indistinguishable from their natural counterparts. Whether used in domestic or retail premises, the quality and exacting standards make it a luxurious and authentic flooring design.

Other reasons why LVT is such a popular flooring option include:

  • Moisture resistance and waterproof properties.
  • Versatile design options to suit your interior needs.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Comfortable and warm underfoot.
  • Easy to repair damaged tiles.
  • Provides sound insulating properties.
  • Long lifespan of up to 30 years.

Why choose a professional flooring contractor?

There are many reasons you should opt for a professional flooring contractor over a DIY installation. While LVT is a flooring option known for quick and easy installations, the quality of the finish will depend on the calibre and professionalism of the installation. Here are the reasons why:

Subfloor quality and preparation

Before laying down the first tile, checking the subfloor quality and condition is important. A subfloor is a flat, level surface underneath the floor covering. A subfloor is typically fixed to the joists and provides a solid foundation for the flooring.

Unlike a DIY job, a professional flooring contractor will inspect the quality and condition of the subfloor before starting the floor fitting. That’s because the quality of the installation is entirely dependent on the subfloor.

Subfloor problems, such as unlevel or sunken subfloor, will show through the LVT once fitted. While the problem may not be evident immediately, any flooring installation will soon reveal the issues from the subfloor underneath. This drastically affects the lifespan and quality of a floor.

If any subfloor problems are present, a professional flooring contractor will notify you and advise on the best solution. That way, you can be sure your LVT flooring installation will last much longer due to the stable and solid foundation.

Removing old flooring

Every new flooring installation will require removing the old. In some cases, removing an existing flooring can be just as time-consuming as trying to fit a new flooring yourself. Depending on how the previous flooring was fitted will affect this.

While carpet or click-based floors may be relatively easy to remove, floors stuck down by an adhesive will be the most challenging. Once the floor is up, you then have the problem of safely and correctly disposing. This may mean a trip or two down to the tip.

However, choosing a professional flooring contractor for luxury vinyl tile fitting can cover all this. They will properly remove the existing flooring to ensure the subfloor is in a suitable condition and ready for fitting. Most flooring contractors will also safely dispose of your old flooring too.

Measuring up

Measuring up is one of the crucial planning stages before embarking on a new flooring installation. Without the proper measurements and preparation, chances are your flooring installation will become a nightmare. With a professional flooring contractor, this isn’t the case.

Correctly measuring the room size before sourcing your floor covering is essential. The wrong measurements can lead to purchasing insufficient or excessive quantities. Insufficient supply creates unnecessary setbacks, and excessive quantities are an unnecessary expense.

Opting for a professional flooring contractor for LVT fitting can eradicate these dilemmas. Not only will they have the correct tools to tackle the job, but they’ll also work in the correct measurement unit: square meters or square feet.

Calculating how much LVT is needed for a given space is much easier. A flooring contractor will only source the amount required to complete the job by taking accurate measurements. This avoids delays or additional costs compared to opting for a DIY job.


Another reason to opt for a professional flooring contractor for luxury vinyl tile fitting is experience. A professional flooring will have the expertise and knowledge to deliver a swift, problem-free installation. They will also know how to overcome any issues should they arise.

A professional flooring contractor specialising in fitting LVT will have a much easier time than someone struggling to learn as they go along. With multiple fitting methods, such as loose lay and glue down, someone embarking on a weekend DIY job without experience may make mistakes.

With experience comes knowledge and wisdom. It is this knowledge and wisdom that allows a professional flooring contractor to deliver the highest levels of installation standards. A professional will already be accustomed to the different installation methods, making installation more efficient.


A bad workman always blames his tools. When it comes to a flooring installation, the tools you have make a world of difference. To lay LVT, you’ll need a range of tools. Stanley knife, mitre saw, hammer, square, spacers, and pull bars are some of the tools that make fitting LVT much easier.

As not everyone has these tools to hand, many will go out and buy or hire the necessary tools. This is an unnecessary setback that can be expensive (especially the longer you hire tools). Combined with a lack of experience, it can take much longer than anticipated to complete the floor fitting.

In comparison, a professional flooring contractor will have the tools for a professional and quality flooring installation to hand. Chances are they use these tools daily and will not need to waste time or money acquiring them. This makes for a more efficient and quality flooring installation.

Laying pattern and design

Something you may not think of when planning and laying out your LVT floor is tile length and direction. These are two important considerations during the planning stage, as they can affect a room’s design and feel.

How you lay the tiles can affect the illusion of a room’s size. For example, running planks in a parallel direction to the longest wall creates the illusion a room is larger. Laying LVT across the width of a room can also make a space seem larger.

The same also goes for tile length and width. A popular flooring trend is to opt for wider or longer tiles as it increases the illusion of room size. Opting for widths of 7” wide or over can help make a space look larger and less cluttered.

There may also be instances where you are left with odd-sized tiles. Some rows left with a small tile cut to fit can look unprofessional. A professional flooring contractor will work with you to select an appropriate design to maximise your space while avoiding any shortcomings in the laying pattern.

Finishing touches

Scotia skirting boards

Once the LVT fitting is complete, that’s not the end of the job. There are the finishing touches you can add that provide the cherry on top. Finishing touches, such as scotias and door bars, improve the aesthetic appeal.

Choosing the right door bars, scotias, and skirting to match your flooring may not be easy. A professional flooring contractor will help you choose the best options for your flooring design. They will also use appropriate installation methods to avoid damaging the fitted flooring.

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Choosing a professional flooring contractor for luxury vinyl tile fitting has many benefits over opting for a DIY job. From saving you time and money to delivering a professional floor fitting, choosing the right flooring contractor is just as important to avoid flooring mistakes.