Your Carpet Tile Choices

Carpet tiles are the preferred flooring option for many different organisations. Schools, colleges, hospitals, retail environments, offices and universities really value their design flexibility combined with how hardwearing they are. E and M Services supply and fit thousands of square meters of carpet tile flooring every year, to many such environments around Coventry and the [...]

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Your Flooring Contractor Specialists in Coventry

At E&M Services we are able to offer a wide range of different flooring designs and types. Depending on where the floor needs to be laid, our experts will be able to advise on the right floor type for the job. Selecting the right choice of floor for the intended application is imperative. Selecting the [...]

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How to prepare a subfloor?

With all flooring jobs the final finish will only ever be as good as the subfloor that it is installed on. As a result, it is important to invest time and effort into the preparation. As they say, ‘planning and preparation, prevents poor performance.’ Never a truer word has been said when it comes to [...]

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